Tom is C’s Guardian Angel

My dear C, I am your Guardian Angel that you call Tom. That works for me as you cannot pronounce my name in your language. The important thing here is that it is time to look into my eyes so that we can connect. I wish you could see yourself as I see you, an infinite, unlimited being of love and light. Your light is so bright, yet you are doubting yourself and playing small. It is almost as if when a bit of light escapes from you, it is immediately shut down, as you allow fear and low self-esteem to run your life. 

You have said you do not feel like you belong here on earth and resonate with the fey, unicorns, crystals, angels, and dragons. This is actually wonderful because you are not here in this time and place on planet earth by accident. Dear one, you chose to be here to help the planet ascend to 5D energy, where love is. You are truly a gentle soul, a loving, caring, and giving empath. You’ve studied so many different energy healing modalities yet you said you feel that you are not connected to them, so you keep taking classes. What you’re trying to do is to remember who you really are and how you can be of service to the planet. You said yourself that you get burnt out running your own business and it isn’t a coincidence, (there is no such thing), that when you shut down, you shut down your business as well. It’s like you step into the light and then retreat, learn something else, step into the light and retreat again because you do not feel safe to be you. I am excited that you are in Christine Alexandria‘s Be You program, because it’s time to come out of the shadows, turn your face and heart to the light and blossom.

Instead of looking at all of your studies individually, make a list of the takeaways from each training. What drew you to it and it how can it best serve people? Ask how you can use what resonates from each healing modality, angel card reading, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, Arcturian Reiki, and light healing, as well as your degrees in kinesiology and clinical psychology. Visualize them all laid out around you. Now metaphysically take your magic wand and activate this part of one training with that part of another and see them swirling around you ( think Harry Potter and the sorting hat) until it comes together into your very own offering, a combination of all your studies. The reason you didn’t connect to the individual energies, is because they are only parts of a whole that you have yet to put together.As you take back your power and understand that you are love, joy, and peace you will no longer be afraid to be seen in this world. As an empath, you say that you’re highly sensitive and retreat to re-charge, which is indeed very much self-care. But your empathic abilities are also a strength for your work. Learn to set boundaries with others as you interact with them. Ask the angels for protection every day, and set the intention to see miracles and the best outcome in every situation.

My gown is turquoise and represents Archangel Haniel. The Angel of Manifestation. Her message to you is living truth, get out of your head and into your heart. As you create your own gift offerings from all your trainings and schooling, choose each part from your heart and not your head. If you are hearing this should be included, and this needs to be included, stop. You’re in your head. Your heart will show you exactly what to take on or leave behind. You will feel your heart expand with each selection to be included. If you feel a contraction know that it is not for you or your gift at this time.

My background is violet and represents Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Sacred Space. His message for you is past life connection. This is very timely as you’re receiving messages from Raina, your spirit guide.  Zadkiel wants you to know that you would not have received such a detailed message if it was just your imagination. It is time to trust yourself and the messages you are receiving that are so specific and resonate so deeply within you. The knowledge you receive may also help you find your gift and address the missing puzzle piece that helps everything fall into place. It is fitting that AA Zadkiel is the angel to call on for self-transformation and  spiritual growth. (Note: Homework was provided to strengthen her connection to Tom.)

C know that you are loved and that I have your back, always in all ways.

Love, Tom

C replied when she first saw Tom and read his message:

This is so beautiful, Barbara. I have tears. Yes, I feel this resonates deeply. I am going to come back and read this again and again. What I will say first is that I saw the picture and started to cry. Purple and turquoise are my favorite colors as well, and I just love that Haniel and Zadkiel showed up. I have been calling bin Zadkiel with the violet flame. And I received Haniel’s mug as part of the BE You box, and I felt like I am working with Haniel already. I am not in those modules, but I do feel them. I am so excited to get to know Tom and to sit with this information. It is correct that I need to work with my heart more and get out of my head. I will continue meditating daily and practicing being in his space.
This is all very helpful. I am excited to see what Tom has to say to me.
Thank you so much! This is incredible! 💜💜💜💜🥰