Steven, Amy’s Guardian Angel

Does this message from Amy’s Guardian Angel resonate with you? As I receive the message, I find myself thinking, are we really going to go there? Your Guardian Angel tells you exactly what you need to hear the way you need to hear it. Read the message and Amy’s response:

Hello Amy, I am your Guardian Angel, Steven. It’s about time we connected. You’ve been lazy girl. It’s so easy to say you want to follow a spiritual path and work with your guides and angels, but then not make the time. What you’re doing is making excuses. It’s time to stand in your power to acknowledge that you truly are a being of light and love with many gifts to give to this world. You are needed at this time and place, and you are doing a disservice to yourself and others by not being the best you that you can be.

It is interesting that you are sabotaging yourself in matters of health and living your best life. You know you would be happier professionally working one job that you love and yet you busy yourself with the second job that is actually your excuse that you are too busy to be that passionate creative being that you are.

And girl what is that grudge business? You know that any negative feelings you send out to others will come back to you. So what are you doing? You say that you’ve been taking advantage of, but if you think about it, you did not set boundaries. You let people know how they could treat you and they did. So what good is the grudge? Haven’t you found that the only person that is being hurt is you? It is time for you to see yourself as the powerful, loving, healer, and creative being that you are. It is time to let those you rescue know that you have boundaries that they cannot cross. You dear one, need to stand up for yourself. If you need help ask me for it, I am always by your side and ready and willing to help you live your best life.

It is time to sit with yourself in meditation, or on a nature walk, and ask yourself what makes Amy happy? The answer may not come to you at once, but it will come. Another way is to ask questions before you go to sleep such as, what do I need to do to live my best life? Once again, the answer may not come to you when you wake up, but over the next day or two you may find an answer in a song, talking to a friend, in a magazine, or even on a billboard. The universe is ready to help you when you reach out and ask. Now is the time.

My gown is green which represents Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. Rafeal heals all your relationships including: health, money, love, work relationships, and best of all with yourself. He wants you to know that he’s here for you too. Call on him to heal your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical aches and pains. Know that when you are hurt or taken advantage of, the other person is only protecting themselves. Most likely, they were hurt and/or taken advantage of, so they feel they have to protect themselves by striking out at you. So instead of feeling upset, or holding onto grudges, it is time to send them love and healing. Because as you know what you send out comes back to you tenfold. It isn’t who you are, it isn’t worthy of you, and it’s time to stop. You are a healer. Know too, that any discord you hold onto will come back to you and eventually present itself as a disease. It isn’t necessary, and it is time to let it go. Take care of yourself and eat a lot of green foods such as leafy vegetables, other green vegetables, green tea, green spices and green fruit. Not only will it help you with your health, but also with your heart chakra. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that AA Raphael oversees the heart chakra. It is time for the world to see your true heart, it is time to shine.

My background colors are pink and yellow pink for Archangel Chamuel the angel of self-love and yellow for Archangel Jophiel, the angel of joy filled power. AA Chamuel wants you to know that you need to love yourself first. And by doing that you will be able to stop the self sabotage with your health, and your life. You will make a point to eat properly, get exercise, and to put yourself first, because you cannot share your gifts if you are keeping them from yourself. So call on AA Chamuel when you feel yourself indulging in behaviors that do not serve you. It is time to eat foods that nourish you, (not foods that satisfies you for a minute but then does not help your body and mind receive the true nourishment it needs.) Every day take the time to look in the mirror and tell yourself, Amy I love you. At first it might be difficult but put notes on your mirror, and around the house that remind you how wonderful you are. Notes like, Amy you’re rocking this, or Amy you’ve got this or Amy I’m so proud of you. The refrigerator is a great place for a post it note to remind you that you truly are worthy of loving yourself.

AA Jophiel wants to remind you to be happy and to remember the joy you were meant to live. She also wants you to see the beauty in all things and to share your laughter with others. AA Jophiel also helps you connect to your higher self. It is time to let go of excuses and put yourself first. It is time to set boundaries and call on me every day. Know that I have your back always, in all ways. 
Love, Steven

Amy replied:
The self sabotage has always been an issue for me. I was a very insecure teenager and young person. I was often told I was attractive, but hated added attention so I deliberately sought solace and comfort in food and the extra weight squelched the attention. And food, at times, seemed to be the only thing I COULD control. Control was a huge issue for me, but I feel that I have released a lot of my attachment to that in the past few years. I have been the happiest in the past 2 years that I have as an adult altogether. I am enjoying exploring my spirituality, but definitely don’t make the time for it that I should as far as a regular practice is concerned. Regarding the grudge, I initially got defensive upon first reading which was odd. I haven’t consciously held a grudge against anyone, but I still get frustrated with my ex-husband and 2 co-workers that I feel take advantage of situations that I have allowed to come to fruition because of lack of boundaries. So, that too resonates. Looks like it’s time for me to schedule some regular meditation and angel chats. 😊 Thank you for sharing your gift.

It’s funny (as in not funny at all, but so ridiculously universal/angelic 😊) that even my initial defensiveness is a theme that has plagued me and I still find myself needing to address. So, thanks Steven for THAT wingslap. I enjoy the lollipops and unicorns, but it takes a bit of the uncomfortable stuff to prompt change in me. And of course he knows this. 😉

I love that and it truly is what is needed for me. I look forward to establishing and maintaining a connection with Steven and The Gang. I appreciate your gift being the catalyst for the kickstart. I can’t wait to use my gifts to promote change in others, too.

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