Stella is Beth’s Guardian Angel

My dear Beth,

I am your Guardian Angel,  Stella. I have been with you since your first incarnation on this earth plane. Although in each lifetime I have taken on a different form, nationality, and even sex depending on how you would best connect to me. I am thrilled that you have opened up your heart again so that we could reconnect. Yes, as a child you saw me and other guardians as you were more open to the veil. At 10 when you saw the guardian you named Hubby Hob get hit by a car in front of your grandma’s house, you were closing off your connection to us. It was very clear that you had accepted your family and friends beliefs that your guardians were not real.  But my dear one, thank you for the offering of lunch meat and crackers. Although we do not physically eat, LOL, it meant the world to all of us that you saw us and it was your way of caring. You are also correct that you have been given gifts and it is very telling that you asked to uncover them. All you have to do, dear one is remember them.

You are indeed a perfect unlimited being and it is only the beliefs you have assimilated since you were a child that are keeping you from them. How often did you hear your parents, friends, teachers etc. tell you their beliefs, and since you were so young, you took them on as your own? It is interesting that you stress that you know if someone is lying to you and you keep asking until the truth comes out. I do believe that this is because in your soul you knew that what you were being told when you were younger was not the truth about you or why you are here. You are not here to play small. You have chosen to be here in this time and space to heal this planet with love and light through your gifts.

Now to uncover them. You are a knowledge seeker, so it is time to delve into everything that resonates with you. Are you drawn to crystals? Read books, take classes, hold the crystals in your hand, stay open and in the moment, then close your hand around the stone and see if there is a message for you. Are you drawn to the angels, get to know them better. There are a lot of books and classes about the angels. Are you interested in astrology or oracle cards? You may be drawn to essential oils or Bach flower remedies for healing. Has anyone told you that you have healing hands or do you find joy in touching different textures or fabrics etc.? Can you feel energy in your hands? Then you might be interested in reiki, massage, or healing touch. See if there are classes in your area. If you are more interested in animals, there is animal communication or healing touch or reiki for animals. Remember the fey, the fairies and woodland creatures. Or perhaps growing herbs for healing and making remedies. And remember dragons, and unicorns…do they strike a chord? Or walking barefoot on Mother Earth, walking or swimming at the beach to rejuvenate and bring up a memory or two. You may be drawn to yoga or pilates.; or. you may be interested in reflexology or even acupuncture. There are so many different areas available to you. Yes, I could tell you do this or that, because you did this in a past life, but this is about you, now in this life.

Beth, you are a teacher, so know that you can combine different modalities that you believe in and create something totally new. There’s only one Beth and the world needs your gifts, whatever path you choose. You said you succeed in everything you do. It isn’t about succeeding with whatever you do, it is about rediscovering your passion, your soul’s purpose that is who you are. I am so excited for you with all the possibilities available to you. So do your research, check into class availability and dive in. Start with free or inexpensive classes and see if you want to learn more. If not, you will know what you don’t want. There’s also no hurry, enjoy the moments and you will discover exactly what is right for you. One caveat please know that the only one that knows the answer is you – you will know when your entire body responds to your why, you may cry because you know you have found your purpose.

My gown is orange and represents Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Miracles. He is the angel to call on for creativity. Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing, creating your best you? So ask for his help as you are exploring possible gifts. Gabriel allows you to delve deeper with grace as you open the door to remembering your gifts.

The background is lavender and deep purple representing Archangels Raziel and Zadkiel. AA Raziel, represented by the lavender color, is the Angel of Intuition. He assists with enhancing your intuitive gifts. Since you are remembering your gifts that have been buried inside of you, ask him to help you to intuitively uncover them. In meditation, ask him to help you retrieve any and all information about your quest. Plant the suggestion and then come out of your meditation and be open to any messages he has for you. You may get an answer immediately, or you may be going about your business and have an aha moment.

The dark violet represents Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Sacred Space. He is the angel to call on as you are rediscovering your gifts and how to use them. You will be rediscovering a lot of information; so call on Zadkiel when you are feeling overwhelmed; take what is relevant and release the rest. With his help, you will be able to absorb and embrace what serves you and bring it into your core. Isn’t it amazing how the perfect archangels for you show up in your reading?

My dearest Beth, know that I always have your back and you are loved always and always.


When Beth saw Stella and read her message, she said it resonated with her. She replied walking barefoot on mother earth is soothing to me. As to the part about succeeding, it struck a chord as she replied: For all I have been successful at I am still not satisfied and still seeking. Beth graciously allowed me to share Stella’s message with you,