Steffi, Trace’s Guardian Angel

My dearest Trace, I am your Guardian Angel, Stephanie, but call me Steffi as you are my bestie. It is never too late to connect with your guardian angel because I have been with you since the beginning of time and I am not going anywhere. 
First love, you said you do not normally think about what you are feeling. Why are you ignoring such an important guide to understanding yourself? Why? Because when you come into the now moment and check in with your feelings, am I happy? Sad? Tired? Angry? Fearful? Worried? Anxious? etc., you are checking in with your subconscious default feelings. And when your subconscious is allowed to run your life, what you receive are default manifestations. So, you want to check into the present moment as often as you can by breathing deeply. Feel the air around you, what do you hear? If you were sitting down is the chair hard or soft,? etc. Then put your hand over your heart and feel your feelings; ask yourself what am I feeling? A thought may run through your head such as I am sad. Ask why? Perhaps you feel lonely, or lost or not enough. You are a human so all of you you have these thoughts, because you forget that you are actually an infinite, unlimited being of love and light inside of a human body for your lifetimes on this planet. And your subconscious is filled with limiting beliefs that are formed by your parents, family, friends, the media, by the time you were only a little bit older than the kindergarten children you teach. How does it feel to have a 6 to 8 year old running your life? And that  is why you come back to the present moment as often as you can to question those subconscious limiting beliefs. By asking questions you may or may not get back to the original source of the feeling, but it doesn’t matter. You are questioning your limiting beliefs, asking if they are true and bring them to light where they can dissolve. 
I also want to touch on worrying. First it’s a wasted emotion, but once again a human one. Instead of worrying about what others are feeling, ask them and really listen to them. You can also ask them the questions you ask yourself to come into the present moment, the now, the only place where change happens.
You shared that you’re often emotional when sharing your views  with others. Know that a person’s beliefs will not change until they make the decision to change them. You get emotional because you really, really want them to see things from your point of you. So, ask yourself is that the best use of your time? You have your beliefs which you are now making the effort to question, and they are most likely still being guided by those limiting beliefs. So, do you wish to argue with a six-year-old. Agree to disagree and move on. Silently send out love and healing energy to the other person. This practice will also help you as an empath to question if the feelings you were receiving are really yours to deal with.
My gown represents Archangel Metatron, the angel of motivation. Metatron’s message to you is to write. Keep a journal or notebook to question your feelings thoughts and limiting beliefs. Often it helps to free write. At the top, write what am I feeling? Or, why am I feeling this way? Start writing without conscious thought. Allow yourself to write until you have nothing more to write then read back what you what you written. Or note in your journal any limiting beliefs and question them and write down what comes up for you.  Know that it I s your job to heal yourself. 
The background represents Archangel Thuriel, the angel of animals. Call on AA Thuriel to help you connect with your pets. Especially since you will be adding a new dog to your family. It’s important to know how the animals  feel about your new addition. You can do this by looking at your pet and setting the intention to know more about them. First, call in Big Mike, (AA Michael) for protection. Then call in AA Thuriel. Breathe slowly and asked Thuriel to share information about your pet. Stay open and write down the answers you receive. In the beginning some of the messages may be general, but over time as you repeat this exercise the more meaningful the messages become. (This exercise was taken from Christine Alexandria’s Be You Program.)

Trace, know that I have your back and that you were loved always in all ways. Love, Steffi

When Trace saw her Guardian Angel, she replied: Thank you so much!  I love the picture, and the message.  I have been talking Steffi’s ear off 🙂 As well as St Thuriel.  I absolutely love her picture.  I felt a connection right away when I saw it.  Like, Oh, so that’s what you look like.  I was expecting a bolder her and lighter background.  But I love her the way she is. My mom has told me all my life she knows I have a guardian angel.  It is really nice to meet her. I just had an angel card reading with Robin and Thuriel made an appearance there.  She also had Metatron appear.  And the idea of journaling was heavy in that reading. Between that and this, it looks like Steffi is really trying to get me moving on these things.
Thanks again!