Mykelti (Mickie) is Anne’s GA

My dearest Anne,

I am your Guardian Angel, Mykelti, but you can call me Mickey for short. You know there are no coincidences, so hearing that song was my answer to when you asked my name, and you knew it too.

You said you want to be an animal communicator and dear one, you already are. The truth is you do not trust yourself because your mind takes over and the quiet voice of your intuition is easily silenced. So, get out of your head. You know when you allow, dogs reach out to you and you easily hear them. How do you get out of your head, you ask? Try deep breathing, showers and baths, being in the moment, and staying grounded.

Check in with Corby and let him tell you what he needs. He is telling you with his behavior. Ask Scarlett why she doesn’t want to visit Children’s Hospital and get the answer straight from her. No second guessing, as there is no need. This is how so many dog owners get their information. “My dog is constantly barking, or chasing cars, or biting,” etc. Most obedience trainers tell the human what has worked for other dogs they have trained, but you have the ability to address the specific issue because you are getting the inside scoop from Fido.

As you work privately with each dog, you can educate their humans on what their dog is asking for, or needs – animal communication; basic commands that teach their human how to let their dog know what they need to do to live harmoniously with their alpha. Healing touch, essential oils and dietary needs that best suit the welfare of their pet. Wow, you have so much more to offer than sit, stay, and down.

You know that Gabby, Scarlet, Bella, and Corby are your in-house laboratory where you can practice and hone your new program. The only person holding you back, is you. Time to stand in your power and share your gifts with the world. There’s only one Anne, and the humans and their dogs that need your specific skill set will seek you out. They already are! Express your gratitude to the universe and let it know that you want more of this, that this is your purpose.

You are so blessed Anne, with a loving husband, children, grandchildren, dog children, etc., and a lovely house that is truly a home. Continue to count your blessings and say thank you every day. As you walk your dogs in the morning, make it a gratitude walk where you are thankful and bless everything you see. Thank you trees, bless you flowers, etc. do it out loud and share with Corby, Gabby, Scarlet, and Bella. When the dogs act up (they are dogs after all), thank them for bringing you back to the present moment. Check in with them and ask what they were reacting to, and what you need to know. Open those lines of communication you will perfect the process you need to send and receive messages through practice, practice, practice.

I am so excited to be here with you to share in the growth of your business. No, you aren’t a vet, but you have the ability to impact a dog’s behavior through communicating with them. A gift many vets do not possess. You can also teach the dog’s human cues that they can use to read their pet. When a dog doesn’t listen, where is their attention, on the owner, or looking around? It is important to get the dogs attention first before giving a command and being ignored and all the other wisdom you can impart to both dogs and their humans.

As a holistic dog practitioner, you can instruct dog parents in every stage of their dog’s life, from puppy antics on through senior dogs. There is no greater way to honor their relationship than being there with their beloved best friend at the end of life, telling them how much they meant to them, and holding, loving and comforting them as they cross over the rainbow bridge. How many dog trainers cover that?

Anne, I know you have doubts occasionally, because after all, you are having a human experience, but you are so much bigger than your body and so much more powerful than you can imagine. Continue to hone your animal communication skills, and trust the messages you receive. This lack of trust is common to everyone as they first develop their abilities. You can’t help but wonder how to present this information to your clients. No worries, there are two ways: To one who is open, you can say, “this is what your dog is telling me.” If you know a dog owner is not open, you can say, “in this situation, try this with Fido.” You will know the exact message to share with them to help both the dog and their human.

Three Archangels have messages for you today. The first is Archangel Sandalphon, the Angel of Grounding, who is represented by the brown in my gown. Remember I mentioned this earlier. Grounding allows you to be more protected; to feel inner peace, secure and to see the wider perspective in all situations. As you meditate, send roots down from the bottom of your feet deep into the earth. Now, don’t you feel more rooted, present, and powerful? Sandalphon asks that you be present through your day so you can be in the moment and clearly receive messages from the dogs you are meant to help.

Did you know that anyone who works with animals in any capacity has their own angel to. call on? Meet, Archangel Thuriel, the Angel of Animals. He is represented by both the green and brown in my gown. Archangel Thuriel asks you to call on him if you are having trouble understanding a dog’s (or any animal’s) message. He also wants you to remember that you need to quiet your mind and listen with your heart. A bit of a wing slap sent with love to remind you to get out of your head. Chat with AA Thuriel for insight on any animal near you, whether physically or energetically.

The background is yellow and represents Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Joy-Filled Power. When you really desire something (and you do, your own holistic system working with dogs,) call on Jophiel. She can be quite creative getting you motivated and focused on your desire with joy. Call on Archangel Jophiel to step more fully and confidently into your power. How wonderful is it that you can step into your power through joy? As you work with your dogs, and continue to develop your program remember to laugh and share joy!

My dearest Anne, you are deeply loved. Know that I have your back always in all ways.

Mykelti (Mickie)

Anne responded:

This is great. It helps me to realize that I really am falling into my niche.
I take my own dogs for granted and don’t always think to check in with them specifically. It didn’t occur to me that Scarlett did not want to go to Children’s. I just thought I had let her down with my lack of training.
I will remember all the good advice and practice getting out of my head! That certainly is an issue!
So good to know I have all this support.
I had been thinking of reworking my logo and one thing I wanted was to add more color. I was going to go with gold, green and brown!
Mykeltie’s hair also reminds me of my long brown locks of my youth 😊
Thank you so much. I will be reading this again quite a few more times.