Micah, Barbara’s Guardian Angel

Barbara, I am your Guardian Angel. Although you heard Michael, my name is Micah. Whichever name you choose, know that I will be there for you. So ask for my assistance daily, no matter how big or small the situation. You humans make it so hard on yourselves sometimes. When you say you have a block to hearing or listening to the angels and guides, you make it your truth. So, when you wake up in the morning, ask me to help you see the miracles, hear the messages, make your day easier. Then get out of your way, and stay open to synchronicities, smooth driving, and open your heart to love.

Every morning, before you get out of bed, close your eyes, put your hands over your heart and feel your heart beat. Think of a time when you were overcome by love and joy. Remember that feeling and feel your heart swell. Now breathe as if you were breathing from your heart. As if each beat is a breath. Feel that love couse through your body. Extend that love outwards to fill your room, your house, your city, your country, and then to envelop the whole planet and beyond. Open your eyes and go about your day. You will be surprised at how beautiful your world looks through the eyes of love. Know that you are love and you are loved. Practice this exercise every morning and see how blessed your days become.

Remember to laugh, laughter is infectious and does wonders to lift bad moods. Watch a funny movie, or sitcom. Spread joy and love to everyone you meet. You said you do not know what you want to be when you grow up. I can answer that. You want what all humans want, to be happy. Make happiness your goal as you experiment with different classes, courses, groups. Try everything that interests you. If you find it doesn’t resonate, let it go and try something else. Have fun, live in joy and what you desire will find you. Take baby steps and show the universe that you are open to new experiences and situations that make you happy. Ask me to be with you and know that I have your back always.

My gown is different shades of blue and represents lapis lazuli the crystal of Archangel Thuriel, the Angel of Animals. He wants you to consider looking into animal communication. Your love of animals, as well as your desire to empty the shelters, show your compassion and desire to help them. Look into it and see if this resonates. Talk to animal communicators at psychic shows or look for reasonably priced classes online. There is no need to dive into an expensive course until you try it on for size if you will.

The background color is purple, and represents Archangel Zadkiel. He wants you to call on him to transmute any negativity back to positive love energy. He also helps with ridding yourself of all that no longer serves you. So, light his candle as you do a deep decluttering of your home. It is time to be you and let go of all that excess baggage. Barbara, I am so excited to be by your side. Let our adventures begin.

Love always in all ways,


I always ask if the angel and message resonate with their one. Barbara replied:

Hi Barbara, Yes it does. I look at him and I feel my heart beat faster and feel warm inside. I feel likes he’s looking right through me and it does look like a fuzzy memory I have when I think about him. Thank you, this is wonderful. I know I need to live every day in love and I will start doing so. thank you so much!

On her intake form Barbara said she thought her angel’s name was Michael. Even before I sat down to work, I heard, “my name is Micah.” When asked Barbara said that she has two good friends named Micah and that the name was special to her.

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