Meet Zara, Nora’s GA

My dearest Nora, I am your Guardian Angel. Although you cannot pronounce my name in your language, call me Zara. I am so pleased that you’ve decided to connect with me, because although I have been with you always I could not communicate with you until I was asked.

You are a wonderful mother, who loves her boys. So, why do you worry about them? You are not serving them or yourself. Remember how powerful you are. Your imagination creates your reality. The more you worry, the more you add emotions to the mix which could bring about the very situation that you do not desire. So, instead, catch yourself when you are in this downward spiral and revise it on the spot. See the positive outcome for them in that situation.

At first, you may not catch yourself in the moment of worrying. Relax, review your day before bed and revise it. If you had a bad situation, revise it to a good one. Did you have to deal with a child, coworker or client who was taking out their frustrations on you? Revise the conversation to them saying how much they appreciate you and all that you do for them. Or perhaps you had a good outcome to a situation, revise it to a great one. Keep imagining this new outcome until
you fall asleep knowing it to be so.

You are a strong, powerful being, so why are you afraid to show who you are? Low self esteem comes from past experiences that you accepted as truth. How can you, who is here in this time, accept that. You are here during this time because you asked to be here on the leading edge of ascension. You are so much more than the limitations of your body. Think back to the person(s) or situation(s) that you interpreted as being less than or unworthy. You see, a conversation, or event is just that until you put a name to it. It isn’t good or bad until you say it is so. Very often, the first feeling of unworthiness happened before the age of six. For instance, when you were a child, a friend could have been over playing, and they had to go home for dinner. You didn’t want them to leave and so you took that to mean that people always leave you. Or a grownup, who had a hard day, yelled at you when you asked a question. In your child’s mind you put meaning to it that you did not deserve to be heard. You come from a big family, and as a child, you may have added meaning to an offhand comment that was not intended that way.

You now realize who you really are, a spiritual being having a physical experience. So, love, the next time you are experiencing low self esteem, call on me to help you remember and stand in your power. This is part of your journey and you will be able to uplift others who have similar issues of low self worth.

It is admirable that you work so hard for your family. I want you to have more play in your life, to find joy in all that you do. To have big belly laughs and also tears of happiness. Feel your emotions fully as they add richness to your life. Your boys will grow up so fast, make memories that you all cherish. Make time for yourself to replenish your energy. It is from the overflow of love that you give to others. If you do not take care of yourself, you will deplete your own energy and have nothing left to give. Life is about balancing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sides of you. Ask yourself if you are taking care of all areas of your life. Write down what you are doing in each area of your life to take care of yourself. If there is one or more areas that are not being fulfilled, find ways to strengthen them.

Nora, the colors in my painting represent messages from three of the Archangels. There is an undercoat of pink in my gown that brings a message of self love from Archangel, Chamuel. She is the angel of self love. She is reaffirming my message on the importance of loving yourself enough to take care of you. Her message is that self love is not selfish, but vital to living your best life.

Archangel Michael also showed up in the blue of the background. He is the angel of protection, so call on him when you are feeling uncertain, anxious or worried. Before you get in a car or plane, say this:
Michael to the right, Michael to the left, Michael in front, Michael in back, Michael above, Michael below, Michael protect me wherever I go. You can also say it for your boys as they leave the house, asking Michael to keep them safe.
(This prayer was given to Christine Alexandria, by Archangel Michael himself.)

I mentioned three Archangels. The purple color that dominates the painting represents Archangel Zadkiel. He is the angel of Sacred Space. Call him in to rid yourself of the lower energies and negativity and transmute them to their original state of purity. In other words, he takes lower human consciousness to a higher spiritual vibration. He asks that you perform cord cutting everyday to bring your energy and power back to you. ( Remember what I said about giving from overflow versus being drained of energy.) Please know that cords of love can never be cut.

There are three Archangels that you call on for help. Repeat the following everyday at a time or times best suited to you:

Michael, thank you for cutting all cords that no longer serve me.
Raphael, thank you for healing all as each cord is cut.
Zadkiel, thank you for transmuting all cords.
(Cord cutting practice reprinted with permission from Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter.

Nora, know that I have your back and you are loved always in all ways.


I was so honored to receive this response from a client upon receiving their GA’s message:

Hi Barbara!
Omgosh i love her!! Thank you so much. She totally resonates with me. Interestingly enough i saw an image of her years ago in a vision. Same hair and facial features. I hear her voice in my dreams a lot. Those are all my favourite colors too. The blue, purple and pink omggggg barbara you nailed it and the message about self love and low self esteem that is something i have been working through for years. I love Zara i cant thank you enough. Im such a visual person and I have been trying to see her and communicate with her for years and here we are now. I feel reborn and like i have met my best friend seriously! You need to promote your work more. Your gift is a true healing one and has brought me comfort already especially during these weird times.
I have saved the picture on my phone so that i am constantly reminded of her and remember to stay balanced too. I will place her in a frame near my bed.  I find myself asking her for guidance too then il hear a song and look deeper into the lyrics to get my answer 😁.
Thank you so much Barbara 😇🙏
much love and blessings to you!