Meet Shar, Kim’s Guardian Angel

When I asked to share Kim’s Guardian Angel, message and her response, she graciously gave me permission: Absolutely 🤗 It’s a lovely message. I’d love to share with all:

Beautiful Kim I am so happy to meet you. I am your guardian angel Shar. You are a healer in heart, soul, and mind. You do so much for others whether you’re working at your job as a nurse, or taking care of family, you give of yourself. It is important for you to remember to fill up your energy as it is only from the overflow that you can share with others to avoid burnout. Take the time for yourself, and schedule ME time into your day. Time to meditate, read, take nature walks, bathe in Epsom salts and oils, to replenish yourself. With everything you have going on it is easy to forget that you need to take care of you first.

I love that you are combining healings from western and eastern modalities. You know that both have a place in healing our minds, bodies, and souls. Western medicine is helpful for sudden illnesses, accidents, and emergencies. Eastern medicine is for the chronic issues that we are seeing so much more of today. You are on the cutting edge bringing your skills, your talents, and your desires together to provide a place for healing the total body. In your center, you will give your clients everything they need to heal. You will not hesitate to provide them with needed information whether it’s to see a western medical practitioner or if an eastern modality is what they need. But please know that you do not have to provide all the different techniques of healing by yourself. You will find the perfect people to work with you at your healing center. Surrounding yourself with like-minded souls to help you realize your dreams. Your interests are wide and varied and all work together to keep you in good health. This is important because you will be a guiding light for people seeking your services. You are well-rounded and your physical and mental activities make you healthy, vibrant, and full of energy. Everything that is needed for you to fulfill your dreams.

My gown it’s pink and represents Archangel Chamuel. She is the angel of self-love. A reminder to you that love has no conditions, so it is imperative to love yourself first. AA Chamuel is about your relationship with yourself. Because you are loving yourself from a deeper place you will have more to offer the universe, clients, family, and friends. Be sure to ask for the help you need from your family, because you find it easier to do everything yourself. This is actually quite selfish as you are depriving others of the honor of serving you. It is also important for you to set firm boundaries so that you take care of the most important person of all. Self-care is not selfish.

My background color is green the color of Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. It is fitting that he he comes forth to remind you that you are worthy to receive healing on all levels emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Rafael is always with you in all places of healing. So he wants you to know that he is with you at the hospital, in the operating room, and will also be with you at your healing center. It is important to remember that to heal it is not just about the body. Illness takes hold when there is an energetic imbalance. As you are aware, the patient cannot heal fully until they feel worthy to heal and is ready to heal the cause. This is always something energetic, such as guilt, inability to forgive, self loathing, etc. Your desire to open a healing center will happen when you make the decision to open it. It is all in your hands. Put your desire out there and the right people, the right situation, and all that you need will align to pave the way for your dream to manifest.

Kim I am so excited that this is our time, and that I will be a part of your future. You have so many blessings, and so many gifts to share, it is time. Know that you are loved, always and in all ways.


Kim’s response when I asked if her angel resonated: Oh wow
That’s 100% me
And the things I need to work on 
Especially self love and setting boundaries 
It made me cry
But in a good way ☺️
Thank you so much 
I love it

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