Meet Phyllis, Deborah’s GA

My dear Deborah,

I am so happy to finally be able to connect with you. During the meditation I loved sitting on the bench with you and sharing my light energy. But what I want you to know is that you are an infinite, unlimited, being and the light you saw in me was a reflection of the light in you. Now about my name, Phyllis or Phylothon. Does it matter? I love the ease of calling me Phyllis, or even Phyl. Actually, you may call me anything you want as long as you call on me every day. Remember no ask is too small or two big. I love being a part of your life. As you wake up every morning, take a moment and think about you, about me, about us. Close your eyes and see me sitting across from you. See a ray of light flowing between our heart chakras. See this ray of light growing bigger and brighter as it flows between us, inside of us, and around us until we are surrounded by this bright white light. Breathe in the light, breathe in the love, and allow yourself to BE…present. Next set your  intention for an amazing day filled with love, laughter, joy, perfect health, and abundance. Now you are ready to begin your day!

I love that you are working with  different modalities. Because the truth is, that you will develop your own healing modality that will get to the heart of the individuals that choose to work with you. From massage therapy and your work as a reiki master, to card readings and the Akashic records, you will tailor each session to the individual client so that they will come away feeling healed and empowered.

 You are blessed with a loving family and friends. Your joy is contagious. You have amazing gifts and the world needs you to share them as you shine your light. You chose to come back in this time and place, to be here on earth to assist the planet and those that desire to, live in a world where love is. This was a decision you made before incarnating in this lifetime. Your time is now! 

So, dear Deborah, why are you wasting your time and energy worrying about your health? You are powerful, so think about what you desire instead; a long, healthy life where you continue your work for decades to come. This is where free will comes in, so carefully monitor your words and thoughts. You are a beacon of light for all who know you. Remember who you are, and make it your intention to always be present.  When you have those negative, unworthy thoughts, come back to the present moment by breathing, the same count in (through your nose) and the same count out (through your mouth) until you quiet your mind and return to the now. You are beautiful, sweet, kind, and loving. Dear Deborah, be the blessing. 

The colors in my gown and in the background represent messages from the Archangels. My orange gown represents Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Miracles. He wants you to give yourself permission to BE…more sensuous and sensual. Really take the time to enjoy the moment. Feel the wind caress your cheek as you sit outside. Touch different textures, your dress, bedspread, blanket, your skin and get in touch with the sensations. Taste different foods, smell the flowers, the air after the rain and breathe. Once again taking the time to get in the moment. (Are you sensing a theme to your reading?) Gabriel is also the angel to call on when you desire to be more creative. Call on him when you are ready to tailor your healing modalities for each person, yet remain all your own inspiration.

The background is a deep turquoise and represents AA Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation. Know that with Haniel’s help you can manifest your desires with complete safety. Call on her to widen your horizons if you are thinking too small. Know that you deserve everything that you desire. Whatever your idea of heaven on earth, Haniel is your go to angel.

The gold in my gown represents the golden ray of Divine Masculine energy. It expands your ability to receive and transmit the energy of peace, joy, power, and balance in order to serve others. Note: Phyllis had me add the gold at the end as she felt this was important for you in your work.

Deborah, dear heart, know that I have your back and that you are loved, always in all ways. 

Here is what Deborah said: I am smiling the whole time i am reading this.  The theme I hear is what I hear often. I doubt my ability to connect and it is there and shines more brightly then I can even imagine.  I really feel that connection With her and I now know how to notice the presence. Thank you so much for connecting me with your gift.