Meet Leni, Elli’s Guardian Angel

My dear Elli, I am your Guardian Angel, Leni. I am so excited to be connected to you at this time, because girl, we’ve got a lot of living to do. I am delighted that your outlook has changed so much over the past few weeks and months. From the deepest depths of despair and uncertainty, you have made the choice, yes, it is a choice, to live your best life. You’ve taken your power back and know that you are the creator of your own reality. In the past you have lived by default believing the negative words of others and internalizing them until your subconscious ran your life.  But your recent wake up call has taught you that you are responsible for your reality and that by becoming a conscious creator of what you desire, you can live your best possible life.

 You have discovered that you can change thoughts of not worthy and less than, to thoughts of you are loved, happy, and joy-filled. No longer will you live your life by subconscious habit and default. However, as an imperfectly, perfect human being, it is not realistic to think that all you have to do is change your thoughts and feelings once and all is well.
When you’re feeling love and joy, life is easy and expansive. However, there will still be times of uncertainty when those negative thoughts come back and you are feeling low, so, time to journal. Write down the negative thoughts you were thinking and the aches and pains you are feeling in your body. Look at them and ask is that true that no one will love me, that I am unworthy, that I deserve to be ill? The answer is of course not! And write down all the reasons they aren’t true: just by being born I am worthy. I am loved. I am an infinite, unlimited being and I have been playing small. I remember who and what I AM and I laugh, at those thoughts and beliefs, etc. All that negativity is a lie and you are all about love. Where there is love, fear cannot exist.

After you’ve written out all the reasons your thoughts were true, cross out the negative thought and only the truth remains to be re-read when those same thoughts come up again. Remember beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking. So, change those thoughts. If you’re feeling low, and aren’t sure why, I recommend saying affirmations. I can hear you say, affirmations don’t work! What happens as you say your affirmations; I am love, I am healthy, I am living my best life, etc. Your ego will bring up all the reasons this isn’t true, which is perfect for the previous journal exercise and brings up additional beliefs that no longer serve you.

Continue to get outside and walk in nature, feel the sunlight on your face, and breathe in the scents of the flowers and trees around you. Stay in the moment, breathe deeply and feel the joy of being your best self. Live in joy, laughter, love, and share your light with the world. Every day practice this expanding light exercise when you wake up. Breathe in and out see a flicker of light in your heart. See the light expanding and growing bigger, illuminating your entire body, see the light filling your room, your house, your city, country, and planet. See the light expanding to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Breathe deeply. You did that, you are that powerful sending out light and love to the world! Feel the joy. Then bring the light back to your heart, take another deep breath and carry that love and joy with you throughout the day. What a gift you are to the world.

My gown is red and represents Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Safety. His message to you is Detox. This reinforces my message because besides eliminating foods that do not agree with you, it is time to let go of bad habits, especially those beliefs that are hidden in your subconscious. Let go of relationships that do not share your values. No longer accept any situation that is not for your highest good. It is time to release any toxicity and negativity from your life.

The background is pink and represents Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. Her message to you is, Pamper. This fits so well with AA Uriel‘s message, because after you let go of all the toxicity in your life, it is time to nourish and replenish your body, mind, and spirit. Find activities that fill your cup to overflow with joy; meditation, walking in nature, laughing out loud, or lighting scented candles as you soak in a warm bubble bath, to name a few. It is important to find ones that uplift you. Remember, when you share love and joy, it is only from overflow, so that you never drain yourself but are always joy filled. 

Now love, it is time for homework so that we can deepen our connection and together co-create you’re heaven on earth experience. (Homework not provided on this website.)

Elli, know that I have your back and that you are loved always in all ways.
Love, Leni

Elli responded when she saw Leni and read her message: Crying…. 🥲🥲🥲Resonates completely!💛💛💛