Meet Emlyn

When I am asked to connect Guardian Angels to their one, the message they share may not be something you want to hear, but what you need to hear. I always say Guardian Angel messages are not all lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns.

This was the case with the message from Clemence’s Guardian Angel, Emlyn. I am only sharing a portion of Emlyn’s message and Clemence’s response.

My dear Clemence, I am your Guardian Angel Emlyn, but you can call me M or Emmy. First, let’s get something out of the way. Do not think it has escaped my notice that you previously connected three Guardian Angels with their ones, yet you did not ask to connect with me until now. This is so typical of someone on the spiritual path who puts everyone first before herself. Even on airplanes you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. It is time dear Clemence to put you first and take care of yourself.

You mentioned that you wanted to listen to your inner knowing. You’re right, it is time to get out of your head and into your heart, because all the answers you were looking for are inside of you. There are no answers outside of yourself. There are no gurus who can tell you what should be, do, or have. So what is the purpose of all those classes and courses offered? They are all pathways to the goals you are seeking – there is no one right or wrong way to learn to love and trust yourself and your intuition.

You are here to play with free-choice, it is your birth right to try on and/or discard different modalities. What resonates with you? What connects you to your heart and soul? What silences your monkey mind and allows you to feel your truth? What brings you peace, love, and joy? What excites you to get out of bed in the morning? This is all part of your spiritual journey and it is all about you.

You call yourself a gentle soul who can be stubborn when you get into your head. You’re being stubborn is actually just moments of fear, when you do not trust yourself enough to let your heart lead the way. I love that you mentioned that you want to expand. So, expand your energy starting at your heart center and flowing up through your crown chakra and down through your legs into Mother Earth and back into your heart chakra again. Expand this energy to flow around your body so your light is bigger and brighter. See it fill the room you are in and expand out farther until your energy is bigger than the planet. It is from this expanded energy that you ask questions to get inspired answers. It is important to seek answers from an unlimited state so that the universe can give you answers you would never consider from your current state. This is where you learn to trust your intuition…from this powerful state of being.

What is next for Clemence? It is time to honor your gifts and talents by practicing them. Find creative outlets that could lead to a new gift or talent and share them with the world. So, no preconceived ideas of what you should or need to do but a lovely unfolding of possibilities that await you to explore and play.

My gown is blue and represents Archangel Michael. He wants to remind you how powerful you are and that the time to change is now. So, no more playing small, being hesitant or doubting your worth. Stand in your power and know that all you have to do is call on Michael. Call on him every day for safety and protection and at night or anytime ask him to cut cords that no longer serve you. How does it feel to know you have your very own security team?

The background is red and represents Archangel Uriel the angel of safety. Uriel wants to remind you that whenever you are ready to share your spiritual gifts, it is safe to be you; as your Authentic self, coming out of hiding and ready to live your life to the fullest with integrity. How comforting it is to ignite your passion, grace, and joy. Clemence whatever you desire is yours, and know that I have your back, always in all ways.


Clemence responded that she was at first triggered by Emlyn’s comment about connecting others to their Guardian Angel. However, the message resonated with her and she stated, “I love the name Emlyn, feel a Celtic connection.” She later messaged me: “Well you know Barbara I made some research on the net Emlyn is a name originally from Galles UK and it can be either male or female…you remember I told you my feelings were it was a male guardian angel? It is both.

I replied: “I love the synchronicity. I remember you saying you felt warrior, not the sex and immediately I saw a strong woman!”