Meet Daisy

Jeanette asked to connect with her Guardian Angel, Daisy.

Here is the message I received from her one:

My dear Jeanette, I am your Guardian Angel, Marguerite. You know me by my nickname Daisy. I felt that you would be better able to connect with me by my nickname. After all that’s what besties do and I am your winged and haloed bestie. I have watched over you as you got out of the situation that did not serve you in anyway by listening to your inner voice. You chose you! I have such a love for you and I want you to know that you have much to offer to women who aren’t yet ready to see that they are worthy, valuable, and lovable. So share your story with others as you do your healing work and recognize women who are in the place you once were. You are a shining beacon of light, and you stand tall because you chose self love and joy. It wasn’t easy, but you did it! 

Your wonderful Siberian huskies have helped heal you as well. So you want to take an animal communication course which is fine, but you will discover that you already communicate with them. You do it so naturally that you do not recognize it for the gift that it is. Your beautiful Siberian huskies know what it is you need them to do. They love you and you them and it is a natural heart energy exchange that you feel. As you interact with them you can hear them tell you what they need and want and you understand and unfailingly see to their needs. You can look into their eyes and know how they’re feeling. 

There is an Energy of joy and satisfaction, in your life. You have come so far, from being a people pleaser, rewarded by being put down and feeling worthless, to a phoenix rising from the ashes. You started believing in yourself and asking what do I want? What makes me happy? Do you realize how courageous you are to pack up and move away and build your kennels, North Node. Did you know it’s also your North Star, your True North, the path you trailblazed to fully become you. The beautiful Jeanette who knows yourself and isn’t afraid to BE. 

That is your healing gift: when showing your dogs and winning championships or using other healing modalities that interest you, tell your story, tell it often. That when you follow your true North and as long as you stay steadfast, you will have the life you desire. Decide what that looks like and go for it. Like you did dear one. One baby step at a time and other women can too. 

My gown is green and represents Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing in all areas of your life mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. He wants to remind you that you are a healer and can help others in their healing. Silently send out love and healing to everyone you meet. You have access to so many people at work, dog shows etc. You do not have to ask them to send love and healing. If you notice someone is sad or lonely, see them happy as you silently send them love and joy. If someone is ill, see them well as you send out love and healing energy. 

The background is pink and represents Archangel Chamuel, the angel of self-love. She also asked that you share the message that self love is not selfish. But your ability to love others correlates to your ability to love yourself. If you’re feeling lacking you attract others who feel less then and they may try to build themselves up by making you feel unworthy or less then. You know this because you lived this. And so you know that until you love yourself, a truly loving relationship is not possible. So yes, tell the truth, but temper those words with love and compassion. You, dear one, are the perfect person to share this lesson as you came out of the fire the best version of you. 

I’m blown away by you, Jeanette and excited to be invited into your future adventures. Oh what fun we will have. Know I love you always and all ways. 


Jeanette responded: Oh my I got tears reading this. Marguerite is so beautiful. Going to get a beautiful frame to match her and hang where I see it often to remind me of her message. I am not surprised she has another name I kind of wondered about that Everything you said feels so true and the verification warms my heart. There were a few things I needed to hear to bolster my confidence in healing Our human ego so gets in the way 😊. She looks and feels so familiar to me. I am so grateful and honored to be connected to you thru Angel Chatter 
Thank You Thank You Thank You 😘I recommend you to heaven and back lol.