Meet Arden

Meet ETP’s Guardian Angel. If her message resonate’s with you, it is not an accident. You were meant to hear the message as well.

My dear ETP, I am your guardian Angel, Arden. I am so pleased to finally meet you. OK, that’s formal enough. I am jumping for joy to finally connect with my (Arden’s nickname for ETP). You are such a being of light and you bring much joy to all who meet you. I love how you have manifested a beautiful life for yourself. A job you love, coworkers you enjoy, a fun side business, travel, a beautiful home and a desire to live to be 100.

You do know however, I have to bring this up. Are you being too safe in your choices? You have chosen to manifest a life without a cocreator, a partner, a long-term loving relationship. Now it’s absolutely fine, if that is your true desire, to live this life on your terms without sharing your manifestation with a loving partner. It is very rewarding, to share this life with a cocreator. However, as you know, it is a more difficult path to follow, because in a relationship there are two of you who must have your needs met. But I just want to bring this up that if there is a whisper of desire to share your life with that special someone, it is time to manifest them into your life. If you have no desire, even a small glimmer, then no worries my love, as you are truly living the life of your dreams. The freedom, of not having to answer to anyone else is totally a gift.

In this life, you have chosen to truly love yourself, meeting your needs and fulfilling every desire. You are truly an inspiration to all who meet you, a role model to show that manifesting your dreams is indeed possible. Have you ever thought of holding manifestation classes or retreats where you share your knowledge with others? While manifesting is easy for you, many others find it difficult. This is truly a gift you can share. You may even share your step by step manifesting during your tarot card readings, to show others the way. Like the beacon of shining light, love and joy that you are.

So it is no surprise that the yellow in my gown represents Archangel Jophiel, the angel of joy-filled power. She wants you to share laughter, joy, and your gift of seeing beauty in all. To be an example to others of how not to get caught up in the ego. Jophiel has come forth to share that you are indeed following your bliss.

The background color is a bluish gray to represent Celestite, the stone of the angels. It is fitting that this crystal strengthens your connection to me, your Guardian Angel.

Call on me dear ETP, every day. I am excited to see what we can accomplish together. You have created a lovely life by yourself, just imagine what awaits as we join wings and fly together. Life is so beautiful and even more enriching side by side with your winged and haloed bestie! Know that you are loved, always and in all ways. Arden

When asked if Arden and her message resonated with her, ETP replied: Yes. The message is spot on too. Thank you so much.

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