Mary’s Guardian Angel, Glynnis

Mary requested a painted Guardian Angel. Below is her angel, message, and comments which she graciously allowed me to share.

Dear Mary, I am your Guardian Angel, Glynnis. You are such a loving and giving person to others. Why are you so hard on yourself? Once a teacher, always a teacher. I love how you share your crystal angels with strangers, because as you know, they do not remain strangers for long. Your gift is one of connection. Many people feel alone, even though their Guardian Angel is always with them. So, thank you for reminding them of that fact. I am so happy you asked me to play an active role in your life. Until you ask, I can only watch you and not interfere. I am so excited about what we can accomplish together.

Thank you for your work rehoming and nursing dogs and cats. Even though you said that Thuriel is no longer sending you dogs, I see you taking in very senior dogs (one at a time), in a hospice situation. Their mobility is limited as well and as you know, movement is necessary for both of you.

You mentioned that you have heard my messages when they involve someone else, but not you. Know that I am answering, but you may not get the answer immediately. It may come from the words of a song, or conversation with a friend, on a billboard, through an animal or bird that you see. But know too, that I will not just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. You have a very loving heart, but boundaries are necessary. Do what you need to do to keep yourself protected and safe. You are a quiet protector of others. Now it is time to be a strong advocate for yourself.

My gown is pink which means that Chamuel has a message for you. I love you, all of you; your energy, your spirit, your love of learning, your compassion, your body, and your soul. You do not have to be or do anything different than who you are. But you will not believe that until you, dear one, love yourself, really feel that love. Look in a mirror, deep into your eyes and tell your inner child, “I love you. I did the best I could growing up, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I didn’t know any better. But now I do, please forgive me.” Know that it is never too late to love you!

The background is green and represents Archangel Raphael. As you know, he is the Angel of Healing, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. When your body is in pain, you forget that you are hurting on all these levels. So, think about using all tools to heal. Besides your doctor’s prescribed meds, find essential oils or creams to lovingly place on your body, massaging in soothing ointments, and inhaling the beautiful scents that tell your subconscious, I love me. I am taking care of me. Wrap yourself in a comfy throw blanket, snuggle in and know you are safe and loved. Be kind to yourself. Instead of feeling upset that you are in pain again, you are showing love to you and your body, emotion, mind, and spirit. It is not an inconvenience, your body is telling you to rest, so it is time to be good to yourself. Why? because you are loved, without conditions. Know that I have your back always in all ways. Glynnis

All angels are first shared on Messenger before being sent out by priority mail. On first look, Mary replied: I am surprised by her (beautiful) appearance, and yet I feel she looks like I would have looked in my youth if I were perfect. (Sound crazy?) The part about my inner child is what I would expect my parents, especially my father, to say if he could communicate from across the veil.

I do use essential oils and a plush throw blanket on my bed, much to the delight of the cats and dogs.. Two days ago I had a conversation in an office with a nice young man and I gave him an angel. He told me about his Brazilian crystal collection ( my hobby) and gave me his card inviting me to come see them. So, your remark about making a connection is right on. In general, I am at peace with my life, but I regret never finding anyone I would marry and have children. I realize that this is an important part of my soul contract for this life.and has made me strong and independent. Thank you, Barbara.

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