Linnea, Robin’s Guardian Angel

I always ask permission of my client to share their Guardian Angel and message. I say it is up to them how much or how little of their message they wish to share. In Robin’s own words:


Barbara Civin Guardian Angel reading was so Amazing! It really resonated with me!!! The words that my GA used that Barbara relayed to me are words that I use in my daily interactions and the way I describe my life’s journey and purpose! And my Angel Linnea is sooo BEAUTIFUL, Just look at her!

When I read the reading I was emotional reading and re-reading. It was so amazing how she touched on all the things that I say all the time Love and light, light cancels dark, beacon of light, toolbox for modalities that I work with, but the kicker is when I truly think about my work and what it is that my purpose is….deep down I always say that I want to help people who feel hopeless and give them hope.

Here is just a blurb from the reading…

My dearest Robin. I am your Guardian Angel, Linnea, (Lynn-ay-a) and I am so happy that you have asked to connect with me. I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished so far in your life. Yes, you are on a spiritual journey and are a role model for others; a shining beacon of light showing that there is another way, another path, one of love and light. You continue to evolve, discover, explore and study different modalities because you realize that there is always something more to learn. What you are doing is filling up your toolbox so you can share them with your clients so they can heal. When they choose to work with you, your very presence offers them peace of mind that there is a way out of their suffering. Your gift is taking them from hopeless to hopeful, from darkness to the light.

This was just the opening paragraph!! Can you imagine how THAT got my attention?!

THEN, As I am gearing up to launch my new Spiritual Life Coaching Practice, I am in the process of writing an ebook of “5 simple practices for grounding in the moment” Linnea/Barbara goes on to tell me how Arch Angel Chamuel has an exercise that she would like me to teach my clients! And writes it out for me.

Also, I have a very good client and friend who is Divinely Guided, she told me last week that “I started by touching people’s bodies and now I am touching their souls” 💕 – then Linnea says…

It was not an accident that you were first a massage therapist. Touch is so important to healing ones body. As you started listening to your intuition, it was a natural progression to be drawn to other modalities that encompass mind and spirit as well. You realized that true healing is about so much more than the body alone. Your intuition will continue to show you what is next for you.

This is just two paragraphs from the reading that I received it actually goes a lot deeper with other personal family stuff as well…When my package arrived with Linnea’s portrait in it, IT TOOK MY BREATH she is so beautiful! AND, Barbara typed the whole reading on beautiful paper for me to have a hard copy.

Thank you so much Barbara!!! This was amazing! And I’m really looking forward to hanging Linnea’s picture in my office so I can see her beauty every day!