Isaiah, PeggyLee’s Guardian Angel

Note: This message and response has been edited at the request of PeggyLee. I am very grateful that she allowed me to share this on my website.

My dearest, I am so happy that you can finally see me. I am Isaiah, your Guardian Angel and girl do we need to talk. You are a giver that needs to receive in equal measure to all that you give. When you do, you will receive the answers you have been searching for as to what is next. You…have much more to offer and share. But you are separating yourself, keeping your authentic self at a distance. Looking on rather than jumping in and being a participant in your own life. It is your time to come out from behind the shadows and shine. You know there is something missing in your life…you are missing the excitement of creating something new. 

You know by now that life is a journey not a destination, a marathon not a sprint. A spiral path that continues ever upward, as you become your true being. As we grow we continue to evolve, to find other areas in our lives that feed our souls. Living your best life, requires you to go deep, to really listen to your heart. If we stay the same, then we aren’t really living our lives. When you have a desire, it is your soul talking to you. It doesn’t mean, that is something that you have to do, but definitely explore it, and see if it is what you are looking for, the next step, the next allowing in your life.

You are beautiful…a strong goddess, here to stand fully in your power, and shine your bright, brilliant, life as a beacon for all to see. You have accomplished so much in your life, and are here to help others be their best selves in the world. You’re so supportive, so willing to give, to share your expertise, and your wisdom. But it is also imperative that you lead by example. It is interesting, that you’ve chosen now during this time, to connect with me. I want you to look into my eyes so that I can share this ever expanding energy that you are, so much more than what your human body contains. Your energy can reach out beyond our world, our galaxy, and beyond into other worlds. That is how powerful you are. 

Dearest, the best is yet to come. I am so excited to be a participant in your spiritual evolution, rather than a bystander. Know that I have your back and you are loved always in all ways.


PeggyLee’s response:
When I first saw GA Isaiah, I was drawn to the blue robe. Many who possess the “vision” have seen me with this same colored robe (and one of my very favorite colors!). The next thing I noted was the radiant heart and how big it was, stretching outside of the body. 
The first paragraph I read begins, “The background is purple and represents Archangel Zadkiel.” This was not a surprise to me either, as I often see ribbons of purple flittering about when first closing my eyes at bedtime. It’s also not a big surprise to see that I am directed to work with the Angel of Sacred Space to cut cords, clearing negative energy that which surrounds me, to reach a higher level of spirituality, which I most certainly desire. 

Reading the above-mentioned paragraph, I wondered if that was all there is, just that one message. I closed the message and moved away from it for a bit. And then I revisited the message. There was a LOT more to the message! I just did not start at the beginning! 
As I finished the first paragraph, I had to chuckle. “… and girl do we need to talk.” I guess we do! 

The second paragraph where GAI—look at that … the first initials … G-A-I … for Guardian Angel Isaiah … one letter away from GAIA! Perhaps I’ll call him “GUY” or “My Guy” for a nickname—says that I am hiding. I have had a few spiritual friends and mentors ask when I’ll be writing my book, my story. So much more Guy said has merit. I am hiding because of what I have to say may rock and upset the world of family—not with secrets but of my discovery and spiritual beliefs! And “My Guy” is correct that…I am seeking something else with a deeper meaning. I am being called to write more… My heart is calling, yes, to share. I will keep asking “what’s next?” 
So… I think the first question I may ask, now that GUY is a participant rather than a bystander, “What if I just stopped?” 

I do know that I do not have to totally quit the great work in which I am currently involved; but LIVING my life instead of watching it from the outside in, is something I would love to do. I want to iterate here, this is a thought I have not spoken of to anyone. Just a few days ago I thought to myself of how I can be a better grandmother, to connect to my grands more, send them letters, and such. I am working all the time, rarely taking any down time for myself. Hmm… what if I just stopped?
A whole new beginning starts.

Thank you, Barbara, for the gift of my Guardian Angel, Isaiah, to see him and get to know him better. I highly recommend this experience for everyone.