Freddie is Karen’s Guardian Angel

Thank you to Karen for allowing me to share her Guardian Angel, message and response with you. Are the angel messages just for the person that received them? My own Guardian Lucy answered, “if the shoe fits!” So if a part of the message (or any angel message on this website) describes you, take the message to heart and make any changes.

My beloved Karen, I am your Guardian Angel, Fredrica, Freddie for short. It was such fun playing with you as a child. I loved how you would giggle and chase me. I am so happy that you wished to connect. I love your energy, your loving heart, and your soul. You know that you are greatly loved on the earth and heaven planes.

It is important that I bring this to your attention. The carefree child took on the care of others to the detriment of herself. As a caregiver, it is important for you to: one, take care of yourself and fill yourself with love first to overflowing. It is from that overflow that you give. Otherwise your own energy will be drained. It is at times like this that you find yourself exhausted and depleted. You may find yourself snapping at loved ones which leaves them feeling bad and wondering what is up with you. One way to help with your energy is to learn to say NO. Repeat after me, NO! How do you feel when you stand up for yourself. Do you see how easy it is to cross over from caregiver to people pleaser? Yes, you love care giving, but do it on your terms and on your schedule. Make time to take care of yourself everyday. A bath with epsom salts and essential oils, yoga or stretching, meditating, a mani-pedi, or singing put loud, dancing around the room andactivate your inner child. Say YES to you.

Two, it is important to balance your giving with receiving. Giving is only half of the equation. This does not mean that the person you are giving to is the one who gives back to you. Know that by being open to receiving from where ever it comes, you are closing a circle. It is important to receive graciously, even if the gift is something you do not want or need. Thank them for thinking about you. Feel the gratitude and later, feel free to re-gift to someone who could use the gift or give it to a charity shop.

You are used to taking the ball and running with it. When someone offers to help you, you think to yourself that in the time it takes to explain this, I could finish it. Stop and think what you are really doing. You are depriving them of the gift of giving. You know how wonderful you feel when you are serving others. Allow them the same experience. It is time to receive whole heartedly whether service or gift.

You are a creative being who enjoys creating art or solving problems. Allow time in your week to play and explore. You used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry and you wear those pieces with joy. Create more, play more, and discover who Karen is on a soul level. Caregiver is your vocation, it is time to remember who you are and just BE.

My gown is purple because Archangel Zadkiel
has a message for you to remember to cut the cords every day. Zadkiel is the Angel of Sacred Space. It is important that you do not carry forward any negative energies. No worries as cords of love cannot be cut. Carry an amethyst with you to constantly transmute the energy in whatever space you are in. The gold in my gown represents the Gold Ray of Angels. When surrounded in gold, it brings forth an energy of great joy and love.

The green background represents Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Healing. He is the go to angel for any kind of relationship, be it health, money, love, romantic or self love. He wants to remind you that you are worthy of healing too. So once again self care for you is of utmost importance. He also wants to remind you that forgiveness is empowering, both for yourself and for those you are caring for. What a gift you bring to them.

Karen, know that you are loved always in all ways. Freddie

When Karen first heard Freddie’s name she commented: A female with a male nick name somehow makes sense.

I asked if the message resonated, she replied:
Yes, totally. All of that resonates. Angels, colors, message and message given. My inner child hasn’t been activated for some time now. It’s been on my mind…I’m looking forward to more conversations with my one. Beautiful. Thank you!

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