Frances or Francey

My dear Whitney,

I am Frances your Guardian Angel, how stiff and formal I sound. Call me by my nickname, Francey, which I am sharing with my bestie. I am thrilled that you asked to see me so we can hang together. I can see us now, arm and wing skipping along as we share new adventures.

You are full of grace (yes, Christine’s word for the angels for 2021) and graceful in action and movement. You embody a dancer, so it was not something you pursued, but rather an expression of your soul. I am not surprised that you continued your studies and became a minister as your path has always been about your soul mission.

With dance, you were able to physically express your soul urgings, and as a minister you help others to get in touch with their humanity and spirituality.

How blessed you are that you and your husband were able to retire together. And it’s definitely me time. Remember the saying you can’t give from an empty vessel? It is time to fill yourself up with love, health, joy, and happiness. Why? Not because you deserve it, you do; not because I say so, even though I always have your best interest at heart; but because dear one, it is your birthright.

I hear you saying you love yourself deeply and embrace your shadow qualities, and you do. Also, that you are a loving soul, and hold light for the highest good of all concerned. You are flexible and forgive ASAP when you judge yourself and others. Yes, these are your conscious thoughts. But the truth is, you have diabetes 2 and anxiety. So, Whitney ask yourself, as a truly unlimited, infinite being experiencing time and space, did you choose to limit yourself? Are you listening to your body and only eating foods that agree with you? Or are you eating food your head says you love and then later getting down on yourself for doing so? Hey, I know this isn’t easy for you, but I wouldn’t be your bestie if I didn’t point out that this is something to work on. And no judgment, just for a loving reminder for you to stay present when you are eating. Self-love truly comes into play here. This is important because anxiety is brought about by your thoughts.

Whitney it is time for you to become heart centered. What state brings about your anxiety? The good news is you can always change your state. You cannot be in the state of a loving soul and have anxiety, because to be in a loving state negativity is not possible. Try it now. Get into your heart, breathe into your heart, expand your loving energy – send this energy out to everyone in your room, your house, your city, your state, country, and planet. Now breathe in this expanded state. How is there room for anxiety?

Repeat this exercise when your anxiety first starts or whenever you notice those thoughts. It is impossible to hold your state forever, because life happens and it is easy to get knocked out of your state. So, choose three that you can alternate between. For example loving wife/mother, loving soul, loving artist? Etc. What brings you joy? How would you respond from that state? Would a loving soul feel anxious? Of course not. Would a loving soul respond to those around her with frustration or anger?

It may not always be easy to be in the state of loving soul, but a different loving state may be more attainable at the moment. Life is so beautiful and blessed when you get out of your head and live from your heart.

My gown (which represents what your soul desires) is green for Archangel Raphael. It represents both the healer you are and the healing you desire. Call on Raphael to help you when your anxiety hits. Ask him to wrap his healing wings around you so that you feel safe. Feel your anxiety fade away as you are enveloped in his healing energy. Stay in his embrace as long as you desire; then give thanks because gratitude is always a blessing.

My background (or aura color) is pink and represents Archangel Chamuel. She, of course represents self love. Every day practice the self-love exercise as written in the authorization course. (One) hand over heart, breathe. (Two) I love you (Three) Whitney, I love you (Four and Five in front of the mirror) (Four) I love you (Five) Whitney, I love you. What a beautiful way to get into The state of loving (fill in the blank). Chamuel is here to remind you that in order to love others, one must first love oneself, exactly as you are in this moment. Because, when you love yourself, you will never be afraid to speak her truth.

My dear heart, know that you are loved always in all ways.

Love and blessings, Francey

Whitney replied when I asked her if her message and angel picture resonated with her: Totally, I love seeing and feeling her. you brought so many truths and ways for me to live in my heart. Thank you Barbara and Francey. I see why Frances is my Bestie/her face says it all to me. I trust her and I also love the light pink of Chamuel in the background and the beautiful green dress of Raphael. Your sensitivity is deeply grounded on the Loving.