Courtney’s GA, Zak

My dear Courtney, I am your guardian angel Zakariah. Cool Angel name right? But we are bestie’s so call me Zak. 
I have been with you since the beginning of time, and I have watched you blossom into the beautiful being of unlimited, infinite light that you are today. Human beings tend to forget how powerful they really are. I see them doing rather than being.

So, dear Courtney, you agreed to come forth in this lifetime, to heal and bring light to the planet. So it is no wonder that you are feeling this soul urge. But here’s the thing, the way you bring light and healing to others is by discovering what resonates with you, what makes your heart sing. I know you are a gift to your students, and really what greater calling is there to guide future generations of beings on this planet. Are you aware that the children are actually here to teach us? They are so much more advanced, or rather they have the ability to be so much more advanced than those that have been on the planet longer. But, they need to be guided away from fear, anger, bullying, etc. And taught instead that love, compassion, and imagining lovingly for others, is the way to advance themselves and the planet. And how do you do that? By example, dear Courtney.

You have experienced loss and pain and you say you are resilient. You have so much to share with others, whether you stay in your present profession or are called to do something different. Please remember two things: One: Whatever you do must bring you joy and two: As long as you are serving the planet whatever you do is perfect.
Know that as an empath you are here to help heal, and not take on their pain. Your empathy will help others verbalize their own pain and help them identify their feelings, acknowledge them, and let them go.

My gown is blue which means that Archangel Michael, the angel of protection has a message for you Big Mike wants you to call him before you work with your students/clients to protect both you and them. You will discover that they will feel safer, more confident, and nurtured with you. The result being that you are better able to help them. 

The background is yellow and represents Archangel Jophiel, the angel of joy-filled power. Josie wants you to remember that you are at your most powerful when you are in your joy. So as you explore other options check in and ask yourself, how do I feel? Does this bring me joy? She also wants to remember to laugh which will not only lighten your energy, it will also magnify your connection to the angels as well.

Now for some homework it is important that we strengthen our connection. (Note: The angels feel that it is important for their person to make their own connection. Exercises were provided for that purpose.)

Courtney, remember you are loved and I have your back always in all ways.