Frances or Francey

My dear Whitney,

I am Frances your Guardian Angel, how stiff and formal I sound. Call me by my nickname, Francey, which I am sharing with my bestie. I am thrilled that you asked to see me so we can hang together. I can see us now, arm and wing skipping along as we share new adventures.

You are full of grace (yes, Christine’s word for the angels for 2021) and graceful in action and movement. You embody a dancer, so it was not something you pursued, but rather an expression of your soul. I am not surprised that you continued your studies and became a minister as your path has always been about your soul mission.

With dance, you were able to physically express your soul urgings, and as a minister you help others to get in touch with their humanity and spirituality.

How blessed you are that you and your husband were able to retire together. And it’s definitely me time. Remember the saying you can’t give from an empty vessel? It is time to fill yourself up with love, health, joy, and happiness. Why? Not because you deserve it, you do; not because I say so, even though I always have your best interest at heart; but because dear one, it is your birthright.

I hear you saying you love yourself deeply and embrace your shadow qualities, and you do. Also, that you are a loving soul, and hold light for the highest good of all concerned. You are flexible and forgive ASAP when you judge yourself and others. Yes, these are your conscious thoughts. But the truth is, you have diabetes 2 and anxiety. So, Whitney ask yourself, as a truly unlimited, infinite being experiencing time and space, did you choose to limit yourself? Are you listening to your body and only eating foods that agree with you? Or are you eating food your head says you love and then later getting down on yourself for doing so? Hey, I know this isn’t easy for you, but I wouldn’t be your bestie if I didn’t point out that this is something to work on. And no judgment, just for a loving reminder for you to stay present when you are eating. Self-love truly comes into play here. This is important because anxiety is brought about by your thoughts.

Whitney it is time for you to become heart centered. What state brings about your anxiety? The good news is you can always change your state. You cannot be in the state of a loving soul and have anxiety, because to be in a loving state negativity is not possible. Try it now. Get into your heart, breathe into your heart, expand your loving energy – send this energy out to everyone in your room, your house, your city, your state, country, and planet. Now breathe in this expanded state. How is there room for anxiety?

Repeat this exercise when your anxiety first starts or whenever you notice those thoughts. It is impossible to hold your state forever, because life happens and it is easy to get knocked out of your state. So, choose three that you can alternate between. For example loving wife/mother, loving soul, loving artist? Etc. What brings you joy? How would you respond from that state? Would a loving soul feel anxious? Of course not. Would a loving soul respond to those around her with frustration or anger?

It may not always be easy to be in the state of loving soul, but a different loving state may be more attainable at the moment. Life is so beautiful and blessed when you get out of your head and live from your heart.

My gown (which represents what your soul desires) is green for Archangel Raphael. It represents both the healer you are and the healing you desire. Call on Raphael to help you when your anxiety hits. Ask him to wrap his healing wings around you so that you feel safe. Feel your anxiety fade away as you are enveloped in his healing energy. Stay in his embrace as long as you desire; then give thanks because gratitude is always a blessing.

My background (or aura color) is pink and represents Archangel Chamuel. She, of course represents self love. Every day practice the self-love exercise as written in the authorization course. (One) hand over heart, breathe. (Two) I love you (Three) Whitney, I love you (Four and Five in front of the mirror) (Four) I love you (Five) Whitney, I love you. What a beautiful way to get into The state of loving (fill in the blank). Chamuel is here to remind you that in order to love others, one must first love oneself, exactly as you are in this moment. Because, when you love yourself, you will never be afraid to speak her truth.

My dear heart, know that you are loved always in all ways.

Love and blessings, Francey

Whitney replied when I asked her if her message and angel picture resonated with her: Totally, I love seeing and feeling her. you brought so many truths and ways for me to live in my heart. Thank you Barbara and Francey. I see why Frances is my Bestie/her face says it all to me. I trust her and I also love the light pink of Chamuel in the background and the beautiful green dress of Raphael. Your sensitivity is deeply grounded on the Loving.

Stella is Beth’s Guardian Angel

My dear Beth,

I am your Guardian Angel,  Stella. I have been with you since your first incarnation on this earth plane. Although in each lifetime I have taken on a different form, nationality, and even sex depending on how you would best connect to me. I am thrilled that you have opened up your heart again so that we could reconnect. Yes, as a child you saw me and other guardians as you were more open to the veil. At 10 when you saw the guardian you named Hubby Hob get hit by a car in front of your grandma’s house, you were closing off your connection to us. It was very clear that you had accepted your family and friends beliefs that your guardians were not real.  But my dear one, thank you for the offering of lunch meat and crackers. Although we do not physically eat, LOL, it meant the world to all of us that you saw us and it was your way of caring. You are also correct that you have been given gifts and it is very telling that you asked to uncover them. All you have to do, dear one is remember them.

You are indeed a perfect unlimited being and it is only the beliefs you have assimilated since you were a child that are keeping you from them. How often did you hear your parents, friends, teachers etc. tell you their beliefs, and since you were so young, you took them on as your own? It is interesting that you stress that you know if someone is lying to you and you keep asking until the truth comes out. I do believe that this is because in your soul you knew that what you were being told when you were younger was not the truth about you or why you are here. You are not here to play small. You have chosen to be here in this time and space to heal this planet with love and light through your gifts.

Now to uncover them. You are a knowledge seeker, so it is time to delve into everything that resonates with you. Are you drawn to crystals? Read books, take classes, hold the crystals in your hand, stay open and in the moment, then close your hand around the stone and see if there is a message for you. Are you drawn to the angels, get to know them better. There are a lot of books and classes about the angels. Are you interested in astrology or oracle cards? You may be drawn to essential oils or Bach flower remedies for healing. Has anyone told you that you have healing hands or do you find joy in touching different textures or fabrics etc.? Can you feel energy in your hands? Then you might be interested in reiki, massage, or healing touch. See if there are classes in your area. If you are more interested in animals, there is animal communication or healing touch or reiki for animals. Remember the fey, the fairies and woodland creatures. Or perhaps growing herbs for healing and making remedies. And remember dragons, and unicorns…do they strike a chord? Or walking barefoot on Mother Earth, walking or swimming at the beach to rejuvenate and bring up a memory or two. You may be drawn to yoga or pilates.; or. you may be interested in reflexology or even acupuncture. There are so many different areas available to you. Yes, I could tell you do this or that, because you did this in a past life, but this is about you, now in this life.

Beth, you are a teacher, so know that you can combine different modalities that you believe in and create something totally new. There’s only one Beth and the world needs your gifts, whatever path you choose. You said you succeed in everything you do. It isn’t about succeeding with whatever you do, it is about rediscovering your passion, your soul’s purpose that is who you are. I am so excited for you with all the possibilities available to you. So do your research, check into class availability and dive in. Start with free or inexpensive classes and see if you want to learn more. If not, you will know what you don’t want. There’s also no hurry, enjoy the moments and you will discover exactly what is right for you. One caveat please know that the only one that knows the answer is you – you will know when your entire body responds to your why, you may cry because you know you have found your purpose.

My gown is orange and represents Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Miracles. He is the angel to call on for creativity. Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing, creating your best you? So ask for his help as you are exploring possible gifts. Gabriel allows you to delve deeper with grace as you open the door to remembering your gifts.

The background is lavender and deep purple representing Archangels Raziel and Zadkiel. AA Raziel, represented by the lavender color, is the Angel of Intuition. He assists with enhancing your intuitive gifts. Since you are remembering your gifts that have been buried inside of you, ask him to help you to intuitively uncover them. In meditation, ask him to help you retrieve any and all information about your quest. Plant the suggestion and then come out of your meditation and be open to any messages he has for you. You may get an answer immediately, or you may be going about your business and have an aha moment.

The dark violet represents Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Sacred Space. He is the angel to call on as you are rediscovering your gifts and how to use them. You will be rediscovering a lot of information; so call on Zadkiel when you are feeling overwhelmed; take what is relevant and release the rest. With his help, you will be able to absorb and embrace what serves you and bring it into your core. Isn’t it amazing how the perfect archangels for you show up in your reading?

My dearest Beth, know that I always have your back and you are loved always and always.


When Beth saw Stella and read her message, she said it resonated with her. She replied walking barefoot on mother earth is soothing to me. As to the part about succeeding, it struck a chord as she replied: For all I have been successful at I am still not satisfied and still seeking. Beth graciously allowed me to share Stella’s message with you,

Adrianna, Celia’s Guardian Angel

My dear Celia, I am your Guardian Angel, Adrianna. I love your name, did you know it means heavenly? I know you have talked to me for years, but I love that the veil is lifted and you can see me, just as I see you. You live life to the fullest sharing laughter, dancing, and joy with friends and family. You are such an example to the students and colleagues at school. Do you know how rare it is to be the light that shines for all to see? Rarer still that you love what you do. How many people do you know that can say that? What a blessing you are dear one. I can hear you laughing now with my words, but I speak truth. The beautiful message you share is one of example. You do not have to do anything, you allow yourself to be you and in this way help others to be their best selves.

I love that you have been talking to all the angels. Teaching your son to reach out to his angels when he was little was such a gift; as we cannot intervene in his or your life until asked. Life is so much richer when we work together. When you ask or believe you’re receiving a message from us it is perfectly OK to ask us to repeat the message, or answer in a way that is very clear for you to understand. We are here to help you, so let us know when you need clarity from us. However, where would the fun be if we just told you the answer. Often we send signs such as a song, a bird, or even just talking to a friend or student. The idea is for you to stay in the moment, allow and receive.

You dear one, in your own words are a giver. But did you know that giving is only half of the equation? You must also allow yourself to receive. You cannot continue to give from an empty vessel, so self-care is so important to all of us. It isn’t being selfish. I love that you take walks in nature, so be present. How you ask? As you take your walk feel the ground beneath your feet. Is it gravel, dirt, grass, or asphalt? Is the sun shining? Is there a breeze? Are the leaves on the trees and plants green? Are they the same color? Do you hear birds or see little animals or insects? Stay in the moment be in joy. At the end of your walk how do you feel? Did you find clarity?  Do you feel restful, at peace? If you can, take off your shoes and stand barefoot in the grass, to ground yourself. Take deep breaths as you raise your arms and face to the sun. Or hug a tree and feel the connection to you and this beautiful planet you live on. Note: Be sure to ask the tree for permission first you’ll know if she says yes. You are a dog lover as well, hugging and petting your dog also allows you to slow down and give both of you the time to reciprocate love which never fails to fill up your vessel. Take the time for yourself without apology. 

Everything you are doing to connect with yourself and nature enhances your connection to your spirituality as well. There is no need to feel envious or jealous of where others are on their spiritual journey. You are all here for your own experiences and any desires you feel are worth exploring – not to be like someone else, but to guide your journey. 
It is important that you be you, as you further metaphysical connections and experiences. You are from Guatemala – do you feel an affinity to your culture? Start there and see if anything resonates with you. Are there any healing practices, or healing plants, or anything from your background that you wish to explore on your spiritual journey? Be open and have fun. 

Also, I want to touch on your comment of having a heavy moral compass. You’re right, that keeps you from being the free spirit you desire to be. So, instead of judgment view the situation with love and compassion with prayers for the highest outcome for all concerned. Then let it all go,  breathe. There is only one Celia, and that is who you are here to share with the world. 
My gown is yellow and pink.  The yellow represents Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Joy-Filled Power. She wanted to remind you that you are joy and to continue to share your laughter with the world, as that is truly a gift. The pink color represents Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. It is no coincidence that she showed up after I talked about self-care earlier in your message. She is reinforcing my message, so take note.

The background is blue and represents Archangel Michael (Big Mike), the Angel of Protection. As you practice self-care, whether a haircut, mani-pedi, massage, energy treatment or even a meditation, call on Big Mike and know that you will truly be able to relax because he is here to protect you. Also call him into your workspace to offer protection and safety to all who enter. Try it and notice the difference in energy. He wants you to know he is here for you and to just get in the habit of asking for his help.

Celia, know that I have your back (as does Big Mike), and that you are loved always in all ways.

Celia responded: Your message brought tears to my eyes. The part of my name meaning heavenly…i recall when in high school playing a name ice breaker where you had to find a word to describe you using the first letter of your name. I used celestial! The message resonates and reminds me of how to steadily stay true on my path. It was beautiful and left me in peace and comfort. Adrianna is beautiful. I also resonate with Jophiel, Chamuel and Michael! I appreciate your artistry and the definition in her face. Thank you for sharing your gifts and touching base with Adrianna. I will continue to re-read the message and meditate on it. You are truly blessed! Wow! I can’t even fathom your gifts. Peace and love.

Ada’s GA, Selene

Even though Ada’s message from Selene was deeply personal, I was thrilled when she agreed to share this message in full. Also, Ada was familiar with her Guardian Angel’s name but wanted to “see her.” Once again, I am honored to be the “hands of the Guardian Angels!

My dear Ada,

You know me as Selene, your Guardian Angel, and now you know what I look like! I adore that you are my one. You are so sweet, compassionate, kind, and loving. You are what you wish (and all of us need) to create in this world. But don’t kid yourself dear one, you are powerful and strong. Do you know how easy it is for most people to lash out in anger and grief and fear? So, it is time to see yourself, as I see you, a strong, powerful warrior, of love and kindness, leading by example!

Now, close your eyes, put your hand over your heart and breath in what I have shared. Can you feel the truth now?

When you have questions about what next, although it is easy to ask others, you ultimately know the answer is within you. Everyone questions their past, present, and future, because you’re all having a human experience. This is a human quirk, thinking free choice means asking friends, family, and other practitioners what to do, or presenting a list to choose what they like for you. Ada, love, they are picking what they like best for themselves, once again human nature.

But dear one, although you are here having a human experience inside a body, you are a spiritual being so much larger than the container you are in. So, while you play small, you are unconsciously thinking that all you are is what you see. Next time you have a question or a choice to make ask your question as you drift off to sleep and ask to be given your answer in the morning. Also, ask that the answer you receive is made clear to you.

Or in a meditation, see your inner light expand until there is no definition between your body and the light. Know that you are connected to everything and everyone as you send your light out to encompass the planet and the universe you live in. Now ask your question and listen to what your heart tells you. That is your answer. If your heart is telling you to go for it, follow your heart to tell you what your soul desires are at that moment. And guess what? If you try it out and you decide after all it wasn’t for you, you can change your mind, free choice remember, even if your heart told you to do something. Because it is just as important to discover what you do not want. You are here in this time and space to have experiences, discover what you want and don’t want, to live your life to the fullest with love and joy. How do you know if something you think you want is truly what you desire? You experience it! And your soul desires you to live your best life.

You shared that your father was married to someone else, had you with your mom and then abandoned you. Thinking of it that way must have brought you a lot of pain and feeling unworthy and unloved. But, dear one, I ask that you think about this in a different way – from a soul level. Before you incarnated, your soul asked for another soul to help you overcome feeling unloved and unworthy in this lifetime. Another soul stepped up and promised to come to earth and be your birth father only. Can you imagine the love that soul had for you to be a sperm donor and then leave your life? What a gift he gave you. If you still have negative feelings for him I ask that you consider this different interpretation: thank his soul and forgive yourself for forgetting the soul contract. Look at the beautiful loving person that you are Ada! You no longer need to hang on to any feelings of resentment. How does that make you feel?

I love watching you as you discover new abilities, like healing and channeling, but what you’re actually doing is remembering who you are. Rather than seeing massage Reiki, angel cards, channeling etc. as separate offerings, I see you combining all your modalities into your special healing talent for each client through your intuition. One may need more healing, another may really need that frozen shoulder worked on. How you incorporate what is needed is your gift.

I believe you have started to do that and you are hearing wonderful client feedback. What you offer is yours alone, uniquely Ada.

My gown is turquoise and represents Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation. She wishes to remind you that you are to never doubt that you are deserving of all that you desire. Fitting with what I discussed earlier with you. Also, remember to call in AA Haniel when you are feeling constricted, small and contained within your human body. She is the one to call on as you expand your inner light out. See, you truly are never alone. And she governs your etheric heart, supporting both the heart and throat chakra so that you truly can discover what is next for you and also express your thoughts and feelings. Nope, not a coincidence that she showed up for you.

My background is violet and represents Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Sacred Space. As I mentioned earlier, the universe needs you to shine your light bright, now more than ever. When you have doubts, as all humans do, surround yourself with the Violet Flame and transmute negative energies to positive ones. As a healer, fill your healing space with the Violet flame before and after each client session to always have a positive, loving space for yourself and your clients.

Ada, dear one, know that I have your back and you are loved always and in all ways.

Love and light,


Ada commented on Selene and her message when I asked, as always, “Does this resonate with you:” Big time Barb! So beautiful and so spot on! You are amazing! You were born to do this!! Can’t wait to see the picture!

(Ada knew her Guardian Angel’s name and wanted to see her.) When I met Selene it was when I was first on the infancy of my journey. I had been asking my inner knowing what her name was with little discovery. When I was exploring Wicca and the Goddesses, when her name came up as the Greek name of the moon goddess. My heart leapt and knew this was her. Such a beautiful moment!

Mykelti (Mickie) is Anne’s GA

My dearest Anne,

I am your Guardian Angel, Mykelti, but you can call me Mickey for short. You know there are no coincidences, so hearing that song was my answer to when you asked my name, and you knew it too.

You said you want to be an animal communicator and dear one, you already are. The truth is you do not trust yourself because your mind takes over and the quiet voice of your intuition is easily silenced. So, get out of your head. You know when you allow, dogs reach out to you and you easily hear them. How do you get out of your head, you ask? Try deep breathing, showers and baths, being in the moment, and staying grounded.

Check in with Corby and let him tell you what he needs. He is telling you with his behavior. Ask Scarlett why she doesn’t want to visit Children’s Hospital and get the answer straight from her. No second guessing, as there is no need. This is how so many dog owners get their information. “My dog is constantly barking, or chasing cars, or biting,” etc. Most obedience trainers tell the human what has worked for other dogs they have trained, but you have the ability to address the specific issue because you are getting the inside scoop from Fido.

As you work privately with each dog, you can educate their humans on what their dog is asking for, or needs – animal communication; basic commands that teach their human how to let their dog know what they need to do to live harmoniously with their alpha. Healing touch, essential oils and dietary needs that best suit the welfare of their pet. Wow, you have so much more to offer than sit, stay, and down.

You know that Gabby, Scarlet, Bella, and Corby are your in-house laboratory where you can practice and hone your new program. The only person holding you back, is you. Time to stand in your power and share your gifts with the world. There’s only one Anne, and the humans and their dogs that need your specific skill set will seek you out. They already are! Express your gratitude to the universe and let it know that you want more of this, that this is your purpose.

You are so blessed Anne, with a loving husband, children, grandchildren, dog children, etc., and a lovely house that is truly a home. Continue to count your blessings and say thank you every day. As you walk your dogs in the morning, make it a gratitude walk where you are thankful and bless everything you see. Thank you trees, bless you flowers, etc. do it out loud and share with Corby, Gabby, Scarlet, and Bella. When the dogs act up (they are dogs after all), thank them for bringing you back to the present moment. Check in with them and ask what they were reacting to, and what you need to know. Open those lines of communication you will perfect the process you need to send and receive messages through practice, practice, practice.

I am so excited to be here with you to share in the growth of your business. No, you aren’t a vet, but you have the ability to impact a dog’s behavior through communicating with them. A gift many vets do not possess. You can also teach the dog’s human cues that they can use to read their pet. When a dog doesn’t listen, where is their attention, on the owner, or looking around? It is important to get the dogs attention first before giving a command and being ignored and all the other wisdom you can impart to both dogs and their humans.

As a holistic dog practitioner, you can instruct dog parents in every stage of their dog’s life, from puppy antics on through senior dogs. There is no greater way to honor their relationship than being there with their beloved best friend at the end of life, telling them how much they meant to them, and holding, loving and comforting them as they cross over the rainbow bridge. How many dog trainers cover that?

Anne, I know you have doubts occasionally, because after all, you are having a human experience, but you are so much bigger than your body and so much more powerful than you can imagine. Continue to hone your animal communication skills, and trust the messages you receive. This lack of trust is common to everyone as they first develop their abilities. You can’t help but wonder how to present this information to your clients. No worries, there are two ways: To one who is open, you can say, “this is what your dog is telling me.” If you know a dog owner is not open, you can say, “in this situation, try this with Fido.” You will know the exact message to share with them to help both the dog and their human.

Three Archangels have messages for you today. The first is Archangel Sandalphon, the Angel of Grounding, who is represented by the brown in my gown. Remember I mentioned this earlier. Grounding allows you to be more protected; to feel inner peace, secure and to see the wider perspective in all situations. As you meditate, send roots down from the bottom of your feet deep into the earth. Now, don’t you feel more rooted, present, and powerful? Sandalphon asks that you be present through your day so you can be in the moment and clearly receive messages from the dogs you are meant to help.

Did you know that anyone who works with animals in any capacity has their own angel to. call on? Meet, Archangel Thuriel, the Angel of Animals. He is represented by both the green and brown in my gown. Archangel Thuriel asks you to call on him if you are having trouble understanding a dog’s (or any animal’s) message. He also wants you to remember that you need to quiet your mind and listen with your heart. A bit of a wing slap sent with love to remind you to get out of your head. Chat with AA Thuriel for insight on any animal near you, whether physically or energetically.

The background is yellow and represents Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Joy-Filled Power. When you really desire something (and you do, your own holistic system working with dogs,) call on Jophiel. She can be quite creative getting you motivated and focused on your desire with joy. Call on Archangel Jophiel to step more fully and confidently into your power. How wonderful is it that you can step into your power through joy? As you work with your dogs, and continue to develop your program remember to laugh and share joy!

My dearest Anne, you are deeply loved. Know that I have your back always in all ways.

Mykelti (Mickie)

Anne responded:

This is great. It helps me to realize that I really am falling into my niche.
I take my own dogs for granted and don’t always think to check in with them specifically. It didn’t occur to me that Scarlett did not want to go to Children’s. I just thought I had let her down with my lack of training.
I will remember all the good advice and practice getting out of my head! That certainly is an issue!
So good to know I have all this support.
I had been thinking of reworking my logo and one thing I wanted was to add more color. I was going to go with gold, green and brown!
Mykeltie’s hair also reminds me of my long brown locks of my youth 😊
Thank you so much. I will be reading this again quite a few more times.

Meet Emlyn

When I am asked to connect Guardian Angels to their one, the message they share may not be something you want to hear, but what you need to hear. I always say Guardian Angel messages are not all lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns.

This was the case with the message from Clemence’s Guardian Angel, Emlyn. I am only sharing a portion of Emlyn’s message and Clemence’s response.

My dear Clemence, I am your Guardian Angel Emlyn, but you can call me M or Emmy. First, let’s get something out of the way. Do not think it has escaped my notice that you previously connected three Guardian Angels with their ones, yet you did not ask to connect with me until now. This is so typical of someone on the spiritual path who puts everyone first before herself. Even on airplanes you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. It is time dear Clemence to put you first and take care of yourself.

You mentioned that you wanted to listen to your inner knowing. You’re right, it is time to get out of your head and into your heart, because all the answers you were looking for are inside of you. There are no answers outside of yourself. There are no gurus who can tell you what should be, do, or have. So what is the purpose of all those classes and courses offered? They are all pathways to the goals you are seeking – there is no one right or wrong way to learn to love and trust yourself and your intuition.

You are here to play with free-choice, it is your birth right to try on and/or discard different modalities. What resonates with you? What connects you to your heart and soul? What silences your monkey mind and allows you to feel your truth? What brings you peace, love, and joy? What excites you to get out of bed in the morning? This is all part of your spiritual journey and it is all about you.

You call yourself a gentle soul who can be stubborn when you get into your head. You’re being stubborn is actually just moments of fear, when you do not trust yourself enough to let your heart lead the way. I love that you mentioned that you want to expand. So, expand your energy starting at your heart center and flowing up through your crown chakra and down through your legs into Mother Earth and back into your heart chakra again. Expand this energy to flow around your body so your light is bigger and brighter. See it fill the room you are in and expand out farther until your energy is bigger than the planet. It is from this expanded energy that you ask questions to get inspired answers. It is important to seek answers from an unlimited state so that the universe can give you answers you would never consider from your current state. This is where you learn to trust your intuition…from this powerful state of being.

What is next for Clemence? It is time to honor your gifts and talents by practicing them. Find creative outlets that could lead to a new gift or talent and share them with the world. So, no preconceived ideas of what you should or need to do but a lovely unfolding of possibilities that await you to explore and play.

My gown is blue and represents Archangel Michael. He wants to remind you how powerful you are and that the time to change is now. So, no more playing small, being hesitant or doubting your worth. Stand in your power and know that all you have to do is call on Michael. Call on him every day for safety and protection and at night or anytime ask him to cut cords that no longer serve you. How does it feel to know you have your very own security team?

The background is red and represents Archangel Uriel the angel of safety. Uriel wants to remind you that whenever you are ready to share your spiritual gifts, it is safe to be you; as your Authentic self, coming out of hiding and ready to live your life to the fullest with integrity. How comforting it is to ignite your passion, grace, and joy. Clemence whatever you desire is yours, and know that I have your back, always in all ways.


Clemence responded that she was at first triggered by Emlyn’s comment about connecting others to their Guardian Angel. However, the message resonated with her and she stated, “I love the name Emlyn, feel a Celtic connection.” She later messaged me: “Well you know Barbara I made some research on the net Emlyn is a name originally from Galles UK and it can be either male or female…you remember I told you my feelings were it was a male guardian angel? It is both.

I replied: “I love the synchronicity. I remember you saying you felt warrior, not the sex and immediately I saw a strong woman!”

Meet Addison, Addie for short

My dearest S, I am your Guardian Angel, Addison, but call me, Addie. I am so excited that you have chosen to get in touch with me at this time of your life. I am looking forward to all the adventures we will have as you discover what’s next in your life. 

I love that you have chosen to explore all your options at this time of your life. You are getting in touch with who you really are, and it’s important that you allow all possibilities Into your life. Everything and anything is open to you from where you live, to how you live, to your life’s purpose. 

 You said that you do not trust yourself because of past choices based on bad information. I know that you were worried, but remember a step in any direction is a step forward. Stop for a minute and consider if anything good came from those situations. We often do not see that at the time, but only through hindsight. There is nothing worse than being afraid to try something new, or go somewhere new, only to stay stagnant because of fear. You know that is not you. You are an adventurer, a seeker of truth and wisdom.

Do you sometimes wish that I could tell you what to do and what path you’re meant to be on? I can hear you say, “Addie, what is my life‘s purpose, what’s next?” That is like looking forward to a new novel and reading the end first. Where is the fun in that? It would take away free choice and human experience. You came here in this time and space to be on the leading edge and share light for others to follow.

The first step is to know that all the answers you seek are inside of you, not in your head. Your thoughts are for planning and analyzing after you’ve chosen the desire in your heart. You know how to connect to the light and expand out your energy larger than the planet. It is from this place only that you ask questions of your higher self. So, in the future any information you receive that you’re thinking of taking, you ask “what would it take” or “what vibrational energy do I need” questions.

Do you know what a blessing you are to others that you enjoy the humor of life?  Your words, but so many here are full of fear and worry that they fail to see the joy in life. That is definitely one of your strengths. It’s important that you do not place limitations on your desires. You wrote that you wanted to be close to your grandkids, but California is too expensive. Revise that and see yourself living close to your grandkids; the hows are not your job. Allow the universe to bring your desires to you in a way that you cannot even imagine in your limited human self.

The same is true with your desire to discover your life purpose. In that expanded energy, journal what you’re good at both presently and when you were younger. Write down everything without censoring. Later, go back and read what you read. What still interests you? What makes your heart sing?

You said you are living the dream yet you desire a home base. Home is where your heart is. And once again, your head is getting in the way and I can hear your thoughts asking what you should be doing. That is your ego talking, so when you hear the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s come into your head realize that you are out of your heart space in that moment and you need to enlarge your energy, larger than the planet to get the answers you desire.

Remember to dream big…this is your life. Have fun exploring. Try new things, dive deep and play! Take classes that catch your interest, talk to other people about what they do and how they do it. And know that whatever you choose to do, make it your own: A combination of the different sides of you that make you totally unique in how you can be of service to yourself, to others, and to the planet. 

My gown is orange and represents Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Miracles. He assists in awakening the senses, what you see, hear, feel, taste, and touch all are activated in knowing your life’s purpose. You will not have to ask what your purpose is as it is an all encompassing realization. Your whole body and emotions react, not just thoughts in your head. So call on Archangel Gabriel when you need strength to follow your dreams, to be different, to be you. His crystal is orange calcite, so carry it, meditate with it, or place it by your bed as you sleep as it brings in playfulness as you open to your creativity. 

The background is turquoise and represents Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation. She wants you to know that you deserve all that you desire. When you feel restricted, call on Haniel for help in expanding your spiritual horizons and creating your heaven on earth. Her crystal is turquoise, carry it to remind you that you are an aspect of the Divine. Turquoise is also associated with wealth in all areas of your life, love, joy, abundance….

Remember dear one, that you are not alone. You are loved always in all ways.


When S saw Addie and read her message, she replied:

Thank you, Barbara. The angel is absolutely beautiful. I love the orange and turquoise combination and can see the caring resonating from Addie! It sounds like me and is similar to what another medium said to “get out of my head” and I try. But I guess 30 yrs in analytics makes it more difficult than I thought it would ever be, to find “next”. And yes, I am hoping to be pointed into the correct decision. Just wandering around feels like I am wasting precious time on this planet.I greatly appreciate your words and will keep trying to “hear” my heart’s desires. There are so many options that I think I have too many choices /directions. The California comment was interesting so I will move into the big ball of light, ask the WWIT (What would it take to…) statements and see what opportunities arise to get over there. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents, your creativity and your connections!!

Linnea, Robin’s Guardian Angel

I always ask permission of my client to share their Guardian Angel and message. I say it is up to them how much or how little of their message they wish to share. In Robin’s own words:


Barbara Civin Guardian Angel reading was so Amazing! It really resonated with me!!! The words that my GA used that Barbara relayed to me are words that I use in my daily interactions and the way I describe my life’s journey and purpose! And my Angel Linnea is sooo BEAUTIFUL, Just look at her!

When I read the reading I was emotional reading and re-reading. It was so amazing how she touched on all the things that I say all the time Love and light, light cancels dark, beacon of light, toolbox for modalities that I work with, but the kicker is when I truly think about my work and what it is that my purpose is….deep down I always say that I want to help people who feel hopeless and give them hope.

Here is just a blurb from the reading…

My dearest Robin. I am your Guardian Angel, Linnea, (Lynn-ay-a) and I am so happy that you have asked to connect with me. I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished so far in your life. Yes, you are on a spiritual journey and are a role model for others; a shining beacon of light showing that there is another way, another path, one of love and light. You continue to evolve, discover, explore and study different modalities because you realize that there is always something more to learn. What you are doing is filling up your toolbox so you can share them with your clients so they can heal. When they choose to work with you, your very presence offers them peace of mind that there is a way out of their suffering. Your gift is taking them from hopeless to hopeful, from darkness to the light.

This was just the opening paragraph!! Can you imagine how THAT got my attention?!

THEN, As I am gearing up to launch my new Spiritual Life Coaching Practice, I am in the process of writing an ebook of “5 simple practices for grounding in the moment” Linnea/Barbara goes on to tell me how Arch Angel Chamuel has an exercise that she would like me to teach my clients! And writes it out for me.

Also, I have a very good client and friend who is Divinely Guided, she told me last week that “I started by touching people’s bodies and now I am touching their souls” 💕 – then Linnea says…

It was not an accident that you were first a massage therapist. Touch is so important to healing ones body. As you started listening to your intuition, it was a natural progression to be drawn to other modalities that encompass mind and spirit as well. You realized that true healing is about so much more than the body alone. Your intuition will continue to show you what is next for you.

This is just two paragraphs from the reading that I received it actually goes a lot deeper with other personal family stuff as well…When my package arrived with Linnea’s portrait in it, IT TOOK MY BREATH she is so beautiful! AND, Barbara typed the whole reading on beautiful paper for me to have a hard copy.

Thank you so much Barbara!!! This was amazing! And I’m really looking forward to hanging Linnea’s picture in my office so I can see her beauty every day!

Lucy 4.0

My Guardian Angels are evolving as they want to share their light. I am so pleased to share my GA Lucy 4.0. My light infused angels are painted on 100% cold pressed cotton paper, with hand made metallic watercolors, crystal powders, and my water color dyes for vibrant colors. Additional embellishments may be added at your request and will be priced accordingly.

Isaiah, PeggyLee’s Guardian Angel

Note: This message and response has been edited at the request of PeggyLee. I am very grateful that she allowed me to share this on my website.

My dearest, I am so happy that you can finally see me. I am Isaiah, your Guardian Angel and girl do we need to talk. You are a giver that needs to receive in equal measure to all that you give. When you do, you will receive the answers you have been searching for as to what is next. You…have much more to offer and share. But you are separating yourself, keeping your authentic self at a distance. Looking on rather than jumping in and being a participant in your own life. It is your time to come out from behind the shadows and shine. You know there is something missing in your life…you are missing the excitement of creating something new. 

You know by now that life is a journey not a destination, a marathon not a sprint. A spiral path that continues ever upward, as you become your true being. As we grow we continue to evolve, to find other areas in our lives that feed our souls. Living your best life, requires you to go deep, to really listen to your heart. If we stay the same, then we aren’t really living our lives. When you have a desire, it is your soul talking to you. It doesn’t mean, that is something that you have to do, but definitely explore it, and see if it is what you are looking for, the next step, the next allowing in your life.

You are beautiful…a strong goddess, here to stand fully in your power, and shine your bright, brilliant, life as a beacon for all to see. You have accomplished so much in your life, and are here to help others be their best selves in the world. You’re so supportive, so willing to give, to share your expertise, and your wisdom. But it is also imperative that you lead by example. It is interesting, that you’ve chosen now during this time, to connect with me. I want you to look into my eyes so that I can share this ever expanding energy that you are, so much more than what your human body contains. Your energy can reach out beyond our world, our galaxy, and beyond into other worlds. That is how powerful you are. 

Dearest, the best is yet to come. I am so excited to be a participant in your spiritual evolution, rather than a bystander. Know that I have your back and you are loved always in all ways.


PeggyLee’s response:
When I first saw GA Isaiah, I was drawn to the blue robe. Many who possess the “vision” have seen me with this same colored robe (and one of my very favorite colors!). The next thing I noted was the radiant heart and how big it was, stretching outside of the body. 
The first paragraph I read begins, “The background is purple and represents Archangel Zadkiel.” This was not a surprise to me either, as I often see ribbons of purple flittering about when first closing my eyes at bedtime. It’s also not a big surprise to see that I am directed to work with the Angel of Sacred Space to cut cords, clearing negative energy that which surrounds me, to reach a higher level of spirituality, which I most certainly desire. 

Reading the above-mentioned paragraph, I wondered if that was all there is, just that one message. I closed the message and moved away from it for a bit. And then I revisited the message. There was a LOT more to the message! I just did not start at the beginning! 
As I finished the first paragraph, I had to chuckle. “… and girl do we need to talk.” I guess we do! 

The second paragraph where GAI—look at that … the first initials … G-A-I … for Guardian Angel Isaiah … one letter away from GAIA! Perhaps I’ll call him “GUY” or “My Guy” for a nickname—says that I am hiding. I have had a few spiritual friends and mentors ask when I’ll be writing my book, my story. So much more Guy said has merit. I am hiding because of what I have to say may rock and upset the world of family—not with secrets but of my discovery and spiritual beliefs! And “My Guy” is correct that…I am seeking something else with a deeper meaning. I am being called to write more… My heart is calling, yes, to share. I will keep asking “what’s next?” 
So… I think the first question I may ask, now that GUY is a participant rather than a bystander, “What if I just stopped?” 

I do know that I do not have to totally quit the great work in which I am currently involved; but LIVING my life instead of watching it from the outside in, is something I would love to do. I want to iterate here, this is a thought I have not spoken of to anyone. Just a few days ago I thought to myself of how I can be a better grandmother, to connect to my grands more, send them letters, and such. I am working all the time, rarely taking any down time for myself. Hmm… what if I just stopped?
A whole new beginning starts.

Thank you, Barbara, for the gift of my Guardian Angel, Isaiah, to see him and get to know him better. I highly recommend this experience for everyone.