Boz, Kim’s GA

My dear Kim,

I am your Guardian Angel, that you call Bozrah. What a formal name for your Bestie, call me Boz and I will call you Kimmie. We have a lot of work to do together and it’s best if we do away with the formalities. You dear one, are an infinite, unlimited, being. So why are you playing so small? I think it’s very important, that you take time each day to expand your light out of your heart, to surround your body, then fill the room you’re in, then your whole house, through your neighborhood, through your city, your state, your country, beyond the planet and out beyond the galaxy. See your light growing bigger and brighter and bigger and brighter. And know that that is just a fraction of how big you truly are. Now can you see the absurdity of playing small?

You mentioned that you try to be loving and compassionate with others, but admit to being judgmental. First, as Yoda says, “do or do not, there is no try.” Dear one, start by being loving and compassionate with yourself, without judgment. When you are able to forgive yourself, you will be able to do so for others. Everything in your life is a reflection of you. So if you react to something or someone outside of yourself, know that it is a gift that allows you to heal a part of yourself that has been pushed down inside of yourself for years. 

You are a good person and people are drawn to you. How could you not be, when you are pure love energy. In day to day life, it is easy to forget that. But you are here on this planet, in this time and space to make a difference in the world. Yes, people are drawn to you and want to hear your healing words, but it is important to set boundaries. You said that you feel drained and then follow up in the next sentence apologizing for the need to set up protection and boundaries. Never apologize or feel bad about taking care of yourself. Decide what days and times, you wish to offer your readings, and when asked, you can say that they can schedule their reading on those days and times. Remember that in order to be at your best to help others, you must first take care of yourself. Fill your energy to overflowing, and it is from the overflow that you give your very best.

When you were growing up, your family bullied you, yes this was a form of bullying, and convinced you that you weren’t smart because you weren’t book smart. And you came to the realization yourself, that this was not true. That love, is huge! Look at everything you have accomplished. You are the sole financial support for your family of five! You have a strong connection to the archangels and through your readings, you share messages that uplift your clients. You have a huge heart and that is one of your finest gifts. 

You love, love and you deserve only the best in your life. Do not settle, and be sure to let your loved ones know what you want and need from them. Never think, “oh we have been together for so long, they must know this.” Truth here, they don’t know until you tell them. They aren’t mind readers, and they may be responding to you, the way they want to be loved; which does nothing for you. 
Be present, stay in the moment as often as you can, and get out of your head and into your heart space. You say that you are comfortable, but you may find that as you continue to grow your gifts, you are out of your comfort zone. Embrace that and continue to take the next step, big or small and see where it leads you. Stay curious and ask questions without criticism or judgment. When you do that, you will find yourself embracing the real Kimmie, who embodies love, peace, and joy. 

The colors in my gown and background represent input from  the Archangels. My gown is red because Archangel Uriel wants you to know that it is safe to be you. He can hear you say, “I know that,” and he said then why are you questioning yourself? He is so happy that you have started to come out of hiding and letting go of the fear that has been holding you back. Use Christine Alexandria’s askfirmation daily, “why is it safe to be me?” Let this become your new mantra. Make sure that you listen to the universe give you the very answers that you need. So stand tall and call on me to support you as you share your brilliant soul. 

My background is yellow and, of course, represents Jophiel. She wants you to remember that life is meant to be joyful. Remember to not take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself because this is not life or death. You are only taking one step, then another along your life path. Think about this as walking through a corn maze. Hear the sounds from inside the maze, the laughter and shouts as children navigate their way through the maze. They know where they started but have no idea what to do next. They move forward and if they reach a dead end, they turn around and take a different path. Does this make you smile?Take time everyday to play and find your joy.
My beautiful Kimmie know that you are loved and that I have your back always in all ways.

Kim’s response blew me away: I have only read this once and already it’s affecting me.  I opened the picture of Boz and almost immediately started to cry.  ❤ His message truly resonates with me.  I feel as though he’s been whispering those things to me so many times throughout the years.  I did a meditation several years ago to meet my guardian angel.  The painting that you did took my breath away as it is the angel that I saw then!!  I thought maybe I was making it up but then you captured my Boz!