Meet Daisy

Jeanette asked to connect with her Guardian Angel, Daisy.

Here is the message I received from her one:

My dear Jeanette, I am your Guardian Angel, Marguerite. You know me by my nickname Daisy. I felt that you would be better able to connect with me by my nickname. After all that’s what besties do and I am your winged and haloed bestie. I have watched over you as you got out of the situation that did not serve you in anyway by listening to your inner voice. You chose you! I have such a love for you and I want you to know that you have much to offer to women who aren’t yet ready to see that they are worthy, valuable, and lovable. So share your story with others as you do your healing work and recognize women who are in the place you once were. You are a shining beacon of light, and you stand tall because you chose self love and joy. It wasn’t easy, but you did it! 

Your wonderful Siberian huskies have helped heal you as well. So you want to take an animal communication course which is fine, but you will discover that you already communicate with them. You do it so naturally that you do not recognize it for the gift that it is. Your beautiful Siberian huskies know what it is you need them to do. They love you and you them and it is a natural heart energy exchange that you feel. As you interact with them you can hear them tell you what they need and want and you understand and unfailingly see to their needs. You can look into their eyes and know how they’re feeling. 

There is an Energy of joy and satisfaction, in your life. You have come so far, from being a people pleaser, rewarded by being put down and feeling worthless, to a phoenix rising from the ashes. You started believing in yourself and asking what do I want? What makes me happy? Do you realize how courageous you are to pack up and move away and build your kennels, North Node. Did you know it’s also your North Star, your True North, the path you trailblazed to fully become you. The beautiful Jeanette who knows yourself and isn’t afraid to BE. 

That is your healing gift: when showing your dogs and winning championships or using other healing modalities that interest you, tell your story, tell it often. That when you follow your true North and as long as you stay steadfast, you will have the life you desire. Decide what that looks like and go for it. Like you did dear one. One baby step at a time and other women can too. 

My gown is green and represents Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing in all areas of your life mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. He wants to remind you that you are a healer and can help others in their healing. Silently send out love and healing to everyone you meet. You have access to so many people at work, dog shows etc. You do not have to ask them to send love and healing. If you notice someone is sad or lonely, see them happy as you silently send them love and joy. If someone is ill, see them well as you send out love and healing energy. 

The background is pink and represents Archangel Chamuel, the angel of self-love. She also asked that you share the message that self love is not selfish. But your ability to love others correlates to your ability to love yourself. If you’re feeling lacking you attract others who feel less then and they may try to build themselves up by making you feel unworthy or less then. You know this because you lived this. And so you know that until you love yourself, a truly loving relationship is not possible. So yes, tell the truth, but temper those words with love and compassion. You, dear one, are the perfect person to share this lesson as you came out of the fire the best version of you. 

I’m blown away by you, Jeanette and excited to be invited into your future adventures. Oh what fun we will have. Know I love you always and all ways. 


Jeanette responded: Oh my I got tears reading this. Marguerite is so beautiful. Going to get a beautiful frame to match her and hang where I see it often to remind me of her message. I am not surprised she has another name I kind of wondered about that Everything you said feels so true and the verification warms my heart. There were a few things I needed to hear to bolster my confidence in healing Our human ego so gets in the way 😊. She looks and feels so familiar to me. I am so grateful and honored to be connected to you thru Angel Chatter 
Thank You Thank You Thank You 😘I recommend you to heaven and back lol.

Meet Guardian Angel, Sylvie

Meet Marla’s Guardian Angel, Sylvie. If you are uncertain of what spiritual practices to study to find your gifts and padsions, then this message is for you as well.

This is an exciting time for us to connect. Now is your time to explore all spiritual aspects that resonate with you. You are blessed to have the time and opportunity to spend doing what you love.
There are so many different ways to connect to your spirituality. It can be through the arts, healing, crystals, yoga, walking in nature, dabbling in whatever strikes your fancy to your hearts content. As you do this you will discover what resonates with you, what makes your heart sing. This is important because not everything will excite you. So take classes, read books, connect with other spiritual practices that interest you. By doing so, you are discovering your path. Remember this is a journey, not a destination. There is no wrong path for you. There is a lot of information out there, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. But take baby steps, and as you do so, you’ll see which modalities you wish to explore deeper or let go. Remember that not everything appeals to everybody. That’s what makes spiritual practice so compelling there is so much to explore. So keep what resonates, let go of the rest, and trust that your inner knowing is all you need. One caveat, the people you meet along the way are not gurus, They do not have all the answers for you. They know what works for them, but not what is best for you. Teachers can help you deepen your knowledge of certain subjects, but remember that only you know what is right for you.

Make it a point every day to live with joy and happiness. You are here to love. Each day, look for the magic and you will find it.

My gown is aquamarine and represents Archangel SHAMAEL. He is the angel of harmony, and sacred sound. He wants to remind you how important music is in your life. Make it a habit to listen to music, whatever touches your soul. Or listen to the sound of water gurgling in a fountain, or a flowing stream, or waves crashing on the beach. Both music and water can soothe you or excite you, and keeps you in the present moment which is the best way to live. It is important to check in with your body so that you can catch yourself slipping into past memories or future worries. Neither is helpful for living your best life. So when you find yourself in the past forgive yourself as you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. If you find yourself worrying about something that may happen in
the future, stop and breathe and come back to now which is the only time you can make changes in your life.

The background is a light brown and represents archangel Sandalphon. He wishes you to connect to the earth and be grounded. It is important for you as you follow your spiritual practice to remember to stay connected to the earth. You can walk barefoot in the grass or the sand, and feel roots from the bottom of your feet burrowing deep into mother earth and grounding you. You will find that it’s easier to stay present when you are grounded. It is important to make decisions coming from a place in the moment, of really being connected to your body and your soul. When you make that connection your heart opens and you know that yes, this is what I am meant to be doing. This is my gift, this is what I want to share with the world.

I want you to remember dear Marla, that this is your time. You have the freedom that you haven’t had before to take care of you. Know that I always have your back. Call on me every day and trust that I am with you, always and in all ways.

Love Sylvie.

Upon seeing her Guardian Angel and reading her message, this was Marla’s response:

Hi Barbara. Oh yes this sounds just like what’s going on with me. I am blessed with the time and freedom and have been exploring so many spiritual modalities. Along the way I will meet a teacher- and yes I Have learned that I still know what’s best for me.

Aquamarine is my birthstone and the shade of turquoise is my favorite color the last few years! I love to listen to music and the sound of water to connect to my inner peace- right on! And I love to be at the beach and in nature.

My word of the year was joy and I strive to find that again – after losing a soul pup in April I have floundered a bit.

Thank you for this beautiful message. You have quite a gift. I am grateful for you sharing with me. 🙏

Marla also commented: And I have to be careful. I can get excited and overspend looking into spiritual interests. 🙃🤭

NOTE: This is an issue for many of us who are trying to find our path and is exactly what Sylvie was talking about.

Steven, Amy’s Guardian Angel

Does this message from Amy’s Guardian Angel resonate with you? As I receive the message, I find myself thinking, are we really going to go there? Your Guardian Angel tells you exactly what you need to hear the way you need to hear it. Read the message and Amy’s response:

Hello Amy, I am your Guardian Angel, Steven. It’s about time we connected. You’ve been lazy girl. It’s so easy to say you want to follow a spiritual path and work with your guides and angels, but then not make the time. What you’re doing is making excuses. It’s time to stand in your power to acknowledge that you truly are a being of light and love with many gifts to give to this world. You are needed at this time and place, and you are doing a disservice to yourself and others by not being the best you that you can be.

It is interesting that you are sabotaging yourself in matters of health and living your best life. You know you would be happier professionally working one job that you love and yet you busy yourself with the second job that is actually your excuse that you are too busy to be that passionate creative being that you are.

And girl what is that grudge business? You know that any negative feelings you send out to others will come back to you. So what are you doing? You say that you’ve been taking advantage of, but if you think about it, you did not set boundaries. You let people know how they could treat you and they did. So what good is the grudge? Haven’t you found that the only person that is being hurt is you? It is time for you to see yourself as the powerful, loving, healer, and creative being that you are. It is time to let those you rescue know that you have boundaries that they cannot cross. You dear one, need to stand up for yourself. If you need help ask me for it, I am always by your side and ready and willing to help you live your best life.

It is time to sit with yourself in meditation, or on a nature walk, and ask yourself what makes Amy happy? The answer may not come to you at once, but it will come. Another way is to ask questions before you go to sleep such as, what do I need to do to live my best life? Once again, the answer may not come to you when you wake up, but over the next day or two you may find an answer in a song, talking to a friend, in a magazine, or even on a billboard. The universe is ready to help you when you reach out and ask. Now is the time.

My gown is green which represents Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. Rafeal heals all your relationships including: health, money, love, work relationships, and best of all with yourself. He wants you to know that he’s here for you too. Call on him to heal your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical aches and pains. Know that when you are hurt or taken advantage of, the other person is only protecting themselves. Most likely, they were hurt and/or taken advantage of, so they feel they have to protect themselves by striking out at you. So instead of feeling upset, or holding onto grudges, it is time to send them love and healing. Because as you know what you send out comes back to you tenfold. It isn’t who you are, it isn’t worthy of you, and it’s time to stop. You are a healer. Know too, that any discord you hold onto will come back to you and eventually present itself as a disease. It isn’t necessary, and it is time to let it go. Take care of yourself and eat a lot of green foods such as leafy vegetables, other green vegetables, green tea, green spices and green fruit. Not only will it help you with your health, but also with your heart chakra. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that AA Raphael oversees the heart chakra. It is time for the world to see your true heart, it is time to shine.

My background colors are pink and yellow pink for Archangel Chamuel the angel of self-love and yellow for Archangel Jophiel, the angel of joy filled power. AA Chamuel wants you to know that you need to love yourself first. And by doing that you will be able to stop the self sabotage with your health, and your life. You will make a point to eat properly, get exercise, and to put yourself first, because you cannot share your gifts if you are keeping them from yourself. So call on AA Chamuel when you feel yourself indulging in behaviors that do not serve you. It is time to eat foods that nourish you, (not foods that satisfies you for a minute but then does not help your body and mind receive the true nourishment it needs.) Every day take the time to look in the mirror and tell yourself, Amy I love you. At first it might be difficult but put notes on your mirror, and around the house that remind you how wonderful you are. Notes like, Amy you’re rocking this, or Amy you’ve got this or Amy I’m so proud of you. The refrigerator is a great place for a post it note to remind you that you truly are worthy of loving yourself.

AA Jophiel wants to remind you to be happy and to remember the joy you were meant to live. She also wants you to see the beauty in all things and to share your laughter with others. AA Jophiel also helps you connect to your higher self. It is time to let go of excuses and put yourself first. It is time to set boundaries and call on me every day. Know that I have your back always, in all ways. 
Love, Steven

Amy replied:
The self sabotage has always been an issue for me. I was a very insecure teenager and young person. I was often told I was attractive, but hated added attention so I deliberately sought solace and comfort in food and the extra weight squelched the attention. And food, at times, seemed to be the only thing I COULD control. Control was a huge issue for me, but I feel that I have released a lot of my attachment to that in the past few years. I have been the happiest in the past 2 years that I have as an adult altogether. I am enjoying exploring my spirituality, but definitely don’t make the time for it that I should as far as a regular practice is concerned. Regarding the grudge, I initially got defensive upon first reading which was odd. I haven’t consciously held a grudge against anyone, but I still get frustrated with my ex-husband and 2 co-workers that I feel take advantage of situations that I have allowed to come to fruition because of lack of boundaries. So, that too resonates. Looks like it’s time for me to schedule some regular meditation and angel chats. 😊 Thank you for sharing your gift.

It’s funny (as in not funny at all, but so ridiculously universal/angelic 😊) that even my initial defensiveness is a theme that has plagued me and I still find myself needing to address. So, thanks Steven for THAT wingslap. I enjoy the lollipops and unicorns, but it takes a bit of the uncomfortable stuff to prompt change in me. And of course he knows this. 😉

I love that and it truly is what is needed for me. I look forward to establishing and maintaining a connection with Steven and The Gang. I appreciate your gift being the catalyst for the kickstart. I can’t wait to use my gifts to promote change in others, too.

Meet Parker, or what’s in a name?

Dear Susan, 
I am your Guardian Angel Parker. I have been with you since the beginning. Your guides and I were with you even when you stopped hearing us. I am so pleased with you, it takes work to come out of a depression and you did it. I want you to know that your falling into a depression was your way of not being able to reconcile your healing work as a nurse, being so compassionate and putting others before yourself and the desires of your authentic self. You were battling good girl expectations of others with what you knew in your heart was right for you. It reached you on the soul level. But light always wins over darkness, and you were triumphant! Great work dear one!
You have received the message about saying no. This is something you need to practice over and over. If you are asked to do something that is not a whole hearted YES, then the answer is no. Repeat after me, out loud, NO. You do not need to offer excuses or reasons because when you do, you are giving the other person the opportunity to offer counter arguments to your reasons. So, they keep asking, they wear you down and resentment follows in a vicious circle. So, no more beautiful Susan. You are drawing a line in the sand and letting others know that you have very clear boundaries.

There is nothing better than getting outside and walking your dog. It is me time when you replenish your soul in nature with a companion that gives you unconditional love. If you have any worries or concerns, ask for an answer before you go. During the walk, be in the moment. Either during the walk or sometime after, you will receive the answer that has been eluding you.
I love that you are a painter, which allows you to express yourself with colors bold and soft, sharp edges and washes. As you lose yourself in your paintings, you are in the moment, the only place to BE. You have worked hard for many years, now it is your time. Try new things, keep what resonates. If something does not excite you, leave it. Stand in your power without apology. This is your life and however you wish to live it is absolutely perfect, for you. Know that all the answers are ultimately inside of you. Always know that you are loved, you are worthy, and you matter.

My gown is purple and pink and represent Archangel Zadkiel (purple) and Archangel Chamuel (pink).
Archangel Zadkiel oversees the Violet flame. Call on him to transmute negative energy back to its original state of purity. Ask AA Zadkiel to transmute anything and everything that no longer serves you. Archangel Chamuel wants to share with you that love has no conditions. Love is love. When others put conditions on love that is not love, but manipulation. So, once again love yourself first. This is not selfish, this is self-care.

The background color green represents Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. All you have to do is ask AA Raphael to send out healing in the form of love, to yourself and others. When you take a walk turn them into gratitude walks, blessing everyone and everything you see. BE love, because that is who you truly are, and this is what your purpose is: to love and be loved. You spent years in the dark and with AA Zadkiel’s help you transmuted that negativity to light and love. You have been there, and now from this place of power you can help others see their light. It does not have to be a formal job, but more an in the moment, one on one interaction. A smile, a few words, will uplift them and in turn, help raise the vibration of Mother Earth. 
Know that I love you always and in all ways.

Susn replied: 
Thanks so much. I got the package yesterday and loved having the larger version of Parker. She is lovely and really resonate with the symbolism of the colors. The message also was spot on!
This may sound weird but i am having some trouble with her name, in as much as a name has a vibration and also that this makes her so real and yet I can’t feel her as I do with Archangels and spirit guides and am not sensing messages from her. Actually I don’t think it is messaging as much as presence. Could be my expectations for what I presumed it should be? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Much gratitude

I replied: Susan, I heard Parker, but she could be saying something else. Ask her to tell you her name. You may hear something different.

The important takeaway is that you connect with your angel. My own Guardian Angel, Lucy told me why Parker said this was her name. You said yourself that you have more of a connection with the Archangels than your Guardian Angel. By her name not resonating with you, it will cause you to talk with her directly to hear her name. Thus bringing about the interaction you have not felt before.

I am so happy that her message and painting resonates with you. Let me know what name she gives you.

Then I heard back from Susan, it is gratifying to receive validation of my work.

Just as you said my GA said the same thing. This allowed the opportunity for me to more deeply connect. Her name came up for me as either Crystal or Crysalis. She said it didn’t matter to her, only humans are connected to naming. They were both relevant as it was spending time in the Crysalis that I can evolve into the crystal. This has been the evolutionary journey. The stillness of the Crysalis provides an optimum space for our communication. Hence the colors of purple, pink and green. Pretty cool. Thanks so much Barbara, such a beautiful experience.

Just shows that everything is perfect .

With love and appreciation 
Susan 😘

Meet Arden

Meet ETP’s Guardian Angel. If her message resonate’s with you, it is not an accident. You were meant to hear the message as well.

My dear ETP, I am your guardian Angel, Arden. I am so pleased to finally meet you. OK, that’s formal enough. I am jumping for joy to finally connect with my (Arden’s nickname for ETP). You are such a being of light and you bring much joy to all who meet you. I love how you have manifested a beautiful life for yourself. A job you love, coworkers you enjoy, a fun side business, travel, a beautiful home and a desire to live to be 100.

You do know however, I have to bring this up. Are you being too safe in your choices? You have chosen to manifest a life without a cocreator, a partner, a long-term loving relationship. Now it’s absolutely fine, if that is your true desire, to live this life on your terms without sharing your manifestation with a loving partner. It is very rewarding, to share this life with a cocreator. However, as you know, it is a more difficult path to follow, because in a relationship there are two of you who must have your needs met. But I just want to bring this up that if there is a whisper of desire to share your life with that special someone, it is time to manifest them into your life. If you have no desire, even a small glimmer, then no worries my love, as you are truly living the life of your dreams. The freedom, of not having to answer to anyone else is totally a gift.

In this life, you have chosen to truly love yourself, meeting your needs and fulfilling every desire. You are truly an inspiration to all who meet you, a role model to show that manifesting your dreams is indeed possible. Have you ever thought of holding manifestation classes or retreats where you share your knowledge with others? While manifesting is easy for you, many others find it difficult. This is truly a gift you can share. You may even share your step by step manifesting during your tarot card readings, to show others the way. Like the beacon of shining light, love and joy that you are.

So it is no surprise that the yellow in my gown represents Archangel Jophiel, the angel of joy-filled power. She wants you to share laughter, joy, and your gift of seeing beauty in all. To be an example to others of how not to get caught up in the ego. Jophiel has come forth to share that you are indeed following your bliss.

The background color is a bluish gray to represent Celestite, the stone of the angels. It is fitting that this crystal strengthens your connection to me, your Guardian Angel.

Call on me dear ETP, every day. I am excited to see what we can accomplish together. You have created a lovely life by yourself, just imagine what awaits as we join wings and fly together. Life is so beautiful and even more enriching side by side with your winged and haloed bestie! Know that you are loved, always and in all ways. Arden

When asked if Arden and her message resonated with her, ETP replied: Yes. The message is spot on too. Thank you so much.

Meet Shar, Kim’s Guardian Angel

When I asked to share Kim’s Guardian Angel, message and her response, she graciously gave me permission: Absolutely 🤗 It’s a lovely message. I’d love to share with all:

Beautiful Kim I am so happy to meet you. I am your guardian angel Shar. You are a healer in heart, soul, and mind. You do so much for others whether you’re working at your job as a nurse, or taking care of family, you give of yourself. It is important for you to remember to fill up your energy as it is only from the overflow that you can share with others to avoid burnout. Take the time for yourself, and schedule ME time into your day. Time to meditate, read, take nature walks, bathe in Epsom salts and oils, to replenish yourself. With everything you have going on it is easy to forget that you need to take care of you first.

I love that you are combining healings from western and eastern modalities. You know that both have a place in healing our minds, bodies, and souls. Western medicine is helpful for sudden illnesses, accidents, and emergencies. Eastern medicine is for the chronic issues that we are seeing so much more of today. You are on the cutting edge bringing your skills, your talents, and your desires together to provide a place for healing the total body. In your center, you will give your clients everything they need to heal. You will not hesitate to provide them with needed information whether it’s to see a western medical practitioner or if an eastern modality is what they need. But please know that you do not have to provide all the different techniques of healing by yourself. You will find the perfect people to work with you at your healing center. Surrounding yourself with like-minded souls to help you realize your dreams. Your interests are wide and varied and all work together to keep you in good health. This is important because you will be a guiding light for people seeking your services. You are well-rounded and your physical and mental activities make you healthy, vibrant, and full of energy. Everything that is needed for you to fulfill your dreams.

My gown it’s pink and represents Archangel Chamuel. She is the angel of self-love. A reminder to you that love has no conditions, so it is imperative to love yourself first. AA Chamuel is about your relationship with yourself. Because you are loving yourself from a deeper place you will have more to offer the universe, clients, family, and friends. Be sure to ask for the help you need from your family, because you find it easier to do everything yourself. This is actually quite selfish as you are depriving others of the honor of serving you. It is also important for you to set firm boundaries so that you take care of the most important person of all. Self-care is not selfish.

My background color is green the color of Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. It is fitting that he he comes forth to remind you that you are worthy to receive healing on all levels emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Rafael is always with you in all places of healing. So he wants you to know that he is with you at the hospital, in the operating room, and will also be with you at your healing center. It is important to remember that to heal it is not just about the body. Illness takes hold when there is an energetic imbalance. As you are aware, the patient cannot heal fully until they feel worthy to heal and is ready to heal the cause. This is always something energetic, such as guilt, inability to forgive, self loathing, etc. Your desire to open a healing center will happen when you make the decision to open it. It is all in your hands. Put your desire out there and the right people, the right situation, and all that you need will align to pave the way for your dream to manifest.

Kim I am so excited that this is our time, and that I will be a part of your future. You have so many blessings, and so many gifts to share, it is time. Know that you are loved, always and in all ways.


Kim’s response when I asked if her angel resonated: Oh wow
That’s 100% me
And the things I need to work on 
Especially self love and setting boundaries 
It made me cry
But in a good way ☺️
Thank you so much 
I love it

Freddie is Karen’s Guardian Angel

Thank you to Karen for allowing me to share her Guardian Angel, message and response with you. Are the angel messages just for the person that received them? My own Guardian Lucy answered, “if the shoe fits!” So if a part of the message (or any angel message on this website) describes you, take the message to heart and make any changes.

My beloved Karen, I am your Guardian Angel, Fredrica, Freddie for short. It was such fun playing with you as a child. I loved how you would giggle and chase me. I am so happy that you wished to connect. I love your energy, your loving heart, and your soul. You know that you are greatly loved on the earth and heaven planes.

It is important that I bring this to your attention. The carefree child took on the care of others to the detriment of herself. As a caregiver, it is important for you to: one, take care of yourself and fill yourself with love first to overflowing. It is from that overflow that you give. Otherwise your own energy will be drained. It is at times like this that you find yourself exhausted and depleted. You may find yourself snapping at loved ones which leaves them feeling bad and wondering what is up with you. One way to help with your energy is to learn to say NO. Repeat after me, NO! How do you feel when you stand up for yourself. Do you see how easy it is to cross over from caregiver to people pleaser? Yes, you love care giving, but do it on your terms and on your schedule. Make time to take care of yourself everyday. A bath with epsom salts and essential oils, yoga or stretching, meditating, a mani-pedi, or singing put loud, dancing around the room andactivate your inner child. Say YES to you.

Two, it is important to balance your giving with receiving. Giving is only half of the equation. This does not mean that the person you are giving to is the one who gives back to you. Know that by being open to receiving from where ever it comes, you are closing a circle. It is important to receive graciously, even if the gift is something you do not want or need. Thank them for thinking about you. Feel the gratitude and later, feel free to re-gift to someone who could use the gift or give it to a charity shop.

You are used to taking the ball and running with it. When someone offers to help you, you think to yourself that in the time it takes to explain this, I could finish it. Stop and think what you are really doing. You are depriving them of the gift of giving. You know how wonderful you feel when you are serving others. Allow them the same experience. It is time to receive whole heartedly whether service or gift.

You are a creative being who enjoys creating art or solving problems. Allow time in your week to play and explore. You used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry and you wear those pieces with joy. Create more, play more, and discover who Karen is on a soul level. Caregiver is your vocation, it is time to remember who you are and just BE.

My gown is purple because Archangel Zadkiel
has a message for you to remember to cut the cords every day. Zadkiel is the Angel of Sacred Space. It is important that you do not carry forward any negative energies. No worries as cords of love cannot be cut. Carry an amethyst with you to constantly transmute the energy in whatever space you are in. The gold in my gown represents the Gold Ray of Angels. When surrounded in gold, it brings forth an energy of great joy and love.

The green background represents Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Healing. He is the go to angel for any kind of relationship, be it health, money, love, romantic or self love. He wants to remind you that you are worthy of healing too. So once again self care for you is of utmost importance. He also wants to remind you that forgiveness is empowering, both for yourself and for those you are caring for. What a gift you bring to them.

Karen, know that you are loved always in all ways. Freddie

When Karen first heard Freddie’s name she commented: A female with a male nick name somehow makes sense.

I asked if the message resonated, she replied:
Yes, totally. All of that resonates. Angels, colors, message and message given. My inner child hasn’t been activated for some time now. It’s been on my mind…I’m looking forward to more conversations with my one. Beautiful. Thank you!

Meet Lucy 3.0

Yes, Lucy did it again. My very own Guardian Angel took notice of the evolving painted angels and insisted that she have her painting done as well. Whoever thought Guardian Angels were all rainbows and moonbeams are in for a surprise. She was very persistent until I painted her.

Mary’s Guardian Angel, Glynnis

Mary requested a painted Guardian Angel. Below is her angel, message, and comments which she graciously allowed me to share.

Dear Mary, I am your Guardian Angel, Glynnis. You are such a loving and giving person to others. Why are you so hard on yourself? Once a teacher, always a teacher. I love how you share your crystal angels with strangers, because as you know, they do not remain strangers for long. Your gift is one of connection. Many people feel alone, even though their Guardian Angel is always with them. So, thank you for reminding them of that fact. I am so happy you asked me to play an active role in your life. Until you ask, I can only watch you and not interfere. I am so excited about what we can accomplish together.

Thank you for your work rehoming and nursing dogs and cats. Even though you said that Thuriel is no longer sending you dogs, I see you taking in very senior dogs (one at a time), in a hospice situation. Their mobility is limited as well and as you know, movement is necessary for both of you.

You mentioned that you have heard my messages when they involve someone else, but not you. Know that I am answering, but you may not get the answer immediately. It may come from the words of a song, or conversation with a friend, on a billboard, through an animal or bird that you see. But know too, that I will not just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. You have a very loving heart, but boundaries are necessary. Do what you need to do to keep yourself protected and safe. You are a quiet protector of others. Now it is time to be a strong advocate for yourself.

My gown is pink which means that Chamuel has a message for you. I love you, all of you; your energy, your spirit, your love of learning, your compassion, your body, and your soul. You do not have to be or do anything different than who you are. But you will not believe that until you, dear one, love yourself, really feel that love. Look in a mirror, deep into your eyes and tell your inner child, “I love you. I did the best I could growing up, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I didn’t know any better. But now I do, please forgive me.” Know that it is never too late to love you!

The background is green and represents Archangel Raphael. As you know, he is the Angel of Healing, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. When your body is in pain, you forget that you are hurting on all these levels. So, think about using all tools to heal. Besides your doctor’s prescribed meds, find essential oils or creams to lovingly place on your body, massaging in soothing ointments, and inhaling the beautiful scents that tell your subconscious, I love me. I am taking care of me. Wrap yourself in a comfy throw blanket, snuggle in and know you are safe and loved. Be kind to yourself. Instead of feeling upset that you are in pain again, you are showing love to you and your body, emotion, mind, and spirit. It is not an inconvenience, your body is telling you to rest, so it is time to be good to yourself. Why? because you are loved, without conditions. Know that I have your back always in all ways. Glynnis

All angels are first shared on Messenger before being sent out by priority mail. On first look, Mary replied: I am surprised by her (beautiful) appearance, and yet I feel she looks like I would have looked in my youth if I were perfect. (Sound crazy?) The part about my inner child is what I would expect my parents, especially my father, to say if he could communicate from across the veil.

I do use essential oils and a plush throw blanket on my bed, much to the delight of the cats and dogs.. Two days ago I had a conversation in an office with a nice young man and I gave him an angel. He told me about his Brazilian crystal collection ( my hobby) and gave me his card inviting me to come see them. So, your remark about making a connection is right on. In general, I am at peace with my life, but I regret never finding anyone I would marry and have children. I realize that this is an important part of my soul contract for this life.and has made me strong and independent. Thank you, Barbara.

Micah, Barbara’s Guardian Angel

Barbara, I am your Guardian Angel. Although you heard Michael, my name is Micah. Whichever name you choose, know that I will be there for you. So ask for my assistance daily, no matter how big or small the situation. You humans make it so hard on yourselves sometimes. When you say you have a block to hearing or listening to the angels and guides, you make it your truth. So, when you wake up in the morning, ask me to help you see the miracles, hear the messages, make your day easier. Then get out of your way, and stay open to synchronicities, smooth driving, and open your heart to love.

Every morning, before you get out of bed, close your eyes, put your hands over your heart and feel your heart beat. Think of a time when you were overcome by love and joy. Remember that feeling and feel your heart swell. Now breathe as if you were breathing from your heart. As if each beat is a breath. Feel that love couse through your body. Extend that love outwards to fill your room, your house, your city, your country, and then to envelop the whole planet and beyond. Open your eyes and go about your day. You will be surprised at how beautiful your world looks through the eyes of love. Know that you are love and you are loved. Practice this exercise every morning and see how blessed your days become.

Remember to laugh, laughter is infectious and does wonders to lift bad moods. Watch a funny movie, or sitcom. Spread joy and love to everyone you meet. You said you do not know what you want to be when you grow up. I can answer that. You want what all humans want, to be happy. Make happiness your goal as you experiment with different classes, courses, groups. Try everything that interests you. If you find it doesn’t resonate, let it go and try something else. Have fun, live in joy and what you desire will find you. Take baby steps and show the universe that you are open to new experiences and situations that make you happy. Ask me to be with you and know that I have your back always.

My gown is different shades of blue and represents lapis lazuli the crystal of Archangel Thuriel, the Angel of Animals. He wants you to consider looking into animal communication. Your love of animals, as well as your desire to empty the shelters, show your compassion and desire to help them. Look into it and see if this resonates. Talk to animal communicators at psychic shows or look for reasonably priced classes online. There is no need to dive into an expensive course until you try it on for size if you will.

The background color is purple, and represents Archangel Zadkiel. He wants you to call on him to transmute any negativity back to positive love energy. He also helps with ridding yourself of all that no longer serves you. So, light his candle as you do a deep decluttering of your home. It is time to be you and let go of all that excess baggage. Barbara, I am so excited to be by your side. Let our adventures begin.

Love always in all ways,


I always ask if the angel and message resonate with their one. Barbara replied:

Hi Barbara, Yes it does. I look at him and I feel my heart beat faster and feel warm inside. I feel likes he’s looking right through me and it does look like a fuzzy memory I have when I think about him. Thank you, this is wonderful. I know I need to live every day in love and I will start doing so. thank you so much!

On her intake form Barbara said she thought her angel’s name was Michael. Even before I sat down to work, I heard, “my name is Micah.” When asked Barbara said that she has two good friends named Micah and that the name was special to her.