Adrianna, Celia’s Guardian Angel

My dear Celia, I am your Guardian Angel, Adrianna. I love your name, did you know it means heavenly? I know you have talked to me for years, but I love that the veil is lifted and you can see me, just as I see you. You live life to the fullest sharing laughter, dancing, and joy with friends and family. You are such an example to the students and colleagues at school. Do you know how rare it is to be the light that shines for all to see? Rarer still that you love what you do. How many people do you know that can say that? What a blessing you are dear one. I can hear you laughing now with my words, but I speak truth. The beautiful message you share is one of example. You do not have to do anything, you allow yourself to be you and in this way help others to be their best selves.

I love that you have been talking to all the angels. Teaching your son to reach out to his angels when he was little was such a gift; as we cannot intervene in his or your life until asked. Life is so much richer when we work together. When you ask or believe you’re receiving a message from us it is perfectly OK to ask us to repeat the message, or answer in a way that is very clear for you to understand. We are here to help you, so let us know when you need clarity from us. However, where would the fun be if we just told you the answer. Often we send signs such as a song, a bird, or even just talking to a friend or student. The idea is for you to stay in the moment, allow and receive.

You dear one, in your own words are a giver. But did you know that giving is only half of the equation? You must also allow yourself to receive. You cannot continue to give from an empty vessel, so self-care is so important to all of us. It isn’t being selfish. I love that you take walks in nature, so be present. How you ask? As you take your walk feel the ground beneath your feet. Is it gravel, dirt, grass, or asphalt? Is the sun shining? Is there a breeze? Are the leaves on the trees and plants green? Are they the same color? Do you hear birds or see little animals or insects? Stay in the moment be in joy. At the end of your walk how do you feel? Did you find clarity?  Do you feel restful, at peace? If you can, take off your shoes and stand barefoot in the grass, to ground yourself. Take deep breaths as you raise your arms and face to the sun. Or hug a tree and feel the connection to you and this beautiful planet you live on. Note: Be sure to ask the tree for permission first you’ll know if she says yes. You are a dog lover as well, hugging and petting your dog also allows you to slow down and give both of you the time to reciprocate love which never fails to fill up your vessel. Take the time for yourself without apology. 

Everything you are doing to connect with yourself and nature enhances your connection to your spirituality as well. There is no need to feel envious or jealous of where others are on their spiritual journey. You are all here for your own experiences and any desires you feel are worth exploring – not to be like someone else, but to guide your journey. 
It is important that you be you, as you further metaphysical connections and experiences. You are from Guatemala – do you feel an affinity to your culture? Start there and see if anything resonates with you. Are there any healing practices, or healing plants, or anything from your background that you wish to explore on your spiritual journey? Be open and have fun. 

Also, I want to touch on your comment of having a heavy moral compass. You’re right, that keeps you from being the free spirit you desire to be. So, instead of judgment view the situation with love and compassion with prayers for the highest outcome for all concerned. Then let it all go,  breathe. There is only one Celia, and that is who you are here to share with the world. 
My gown is yellow and pink.  The yellow represents Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Joy-Filled Power. She wanted to remind you that you are joy and to continue to share your laughter with the world, as that is truly a gift. The pink color represents Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. It is no coincidence that she showed up after I talked about self-care earlier in your message. She is reinforcing my message, so take note.

The background is blue and represents Archangel Michael (Big Mike), the Angel of Protection. As you practice self-care, whether a haircut, mani-pedi, massage, energy treatment or even a meditation, call on Big Mike and know that you will truly be able to relax because he is here to protect you. Also call him into your workspace to offer protection and safety to all who enter. Try it and notice the difference in energy. He wants you to know he is here for you and to just get in the habit of asking for his help.

Celia, know that I have your back (as does Big Mike), and that you are loved always in all ways.

Celia responded: Your message brought tears to my eyes. The part of my name meaning heavenly…i recall when in high school playing a name ice breaker where you had to find a word to describe you using the first letter of your name. I used celestial! The message resonates and reminds me of how to steadily stay true on my path. It was beautiful and left me in peace and comfort. Adrianna is beautiful. I also resonate with Jophiel, Chamuel and Michael! I appreciate your artistry and the definition in her face. Thank you for sharing your gifts and touching base with Adrianna. I will continue to re-read the message and meditate on it. You are truly blessed! Wow! I can’t even fathom your gifts. Peace and love.