Ada’s GA, Selene

Even though Ada’s message from Selene was deeply personal, I was thrilled when she agreed to share this message in full. Also, Ada was familiar with her Guardian Angel’s name but wanted to “see her.” Once again, I am honored to be the “hands of the Guardian Angels!

My dear Ada,

You know me as Selene, your Guardian Angel, and now you know what I look like! I adore that you are my one. You are so sweet, compassionate, kind, and loving. You are what you wish (and all of us need) to create in this world. But don’t kid yourself dear one, you are powerful and strong. Do you know how easy it is for most people to lash out in anger and grief and fear? So, it is time to see yourself, as I see you, a strong, powerful warrior, of love and kindness, leading by example!

Now, close your eyes, put your hand over your heart and breath in what I have shared. Can you feel the truth now?

When you have questions about what next, although it is easy to ask others, you ultimately know the answer is within you. Everyone questions their past, present, and future, because you’re all having a human experience. This is a human quirk, thinking free choice means asking friends, family, and other practitioners what to do, or presenting a list to choose what they like for you. Ada, love, they are picking what they like best for themselves, once again human nature.

But dear one, although you are here having a human experience inside a body, you are a spiritual being so much larger than the container you are in. So, while you play small, you are unconsciously thinking that all you are is what you see. Next time you have a question or a choice to make ask your question as you drift off to sleep and ask to be given your answer in the morning. Also, ask that the answer you receive is made clear to you.

Or in a meditation, see your inner light expand until there is no definition between your body and the light. Know that you are connected to everything and everyone as you send your light out to encompass the planet and the universe you live in. Now ask your question and listen to what your heart tells you. That is your answer. If your heart is telling you to go for it, follow your heart to tell you what your soul desires are at that moment. And guess what? If you try it out and you decide after all it wasn’t for you, you can change your mind, free choice remember, even if your heart told you to do something. Because it is just as important to discover what you do not want. You are here in this time and space to have experiences, discover what you want and don’t want, to live your life to the fullest with love and joy. How do you know if something you think you want is truly what you desire? You experience it! And your soul desires you to live your best life.

You shared that your father was married to someone else, had you with your mom and then abandoned you. Thinking of it that way must have brought you a lot of pain and feeling unworthy and unloved. But, dear one, I ask that you think about this in a different way – from a soul level. Before you incarnated, your soul asked for another soul to help you overcome feeling unloved and unworthy in this lifetime. Another soul stepped up and promised to come to earth and be your birth father only. Can you imagine the love that soul had for you to be a sperm donor and then leave your life? What a gift he gave you. If you still have negative feelings for him I ask that you consider this different interpretation: thank his soul and forgive yourself for forgetting the soul contract. Look at the beautiful loving person that you are Ada! You no longer need to hang on to any feelings of resentment. How does that make you feel?

I love watching you as you discover new abilities, like healing and channeling, but what you’re actually doing is remembering who you are. Rather than seeing massage Reiki, angel cards, channeling etc. as separate offerings, I see you combining all your modalities into your special healing talent for each client through your intuition. One may need more healing, another may really need that frozen shoulder worked on. How you incorporate what is needed is your gift.

I believe you have started to do that and you are hearing wonderful client feedback. What you offer is yours alone, uniquely Ada.

My gown is turquoise and represents Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation. She wishes to remind you that you are to never doubt that you are deserving of all that you desire. Fitting with what I discussed earlier with you. Also, remember to call in AA Haniel when you are feeling constricted, small and contained within your human body. She is the one to call on as you expand your inner light out. See, you truly are never alone. And she governs your etheric heart, supporting both the heart and throat chakra so that you truly can discover what is next for you and also express your thoughts and feelings. Nope, not a coincidence that she showed up for you.

My background is violet and represents Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Sacred Space. As I mentioned earlier, the universe needs you to shine your light bright, now more than ever. When you have doubts, as all humans do, surround yourself with the Violet Flame and transmute negative energies to positive ones. As a healer, fill your healing space with the Violet flame before and after each client session to always have a positive, loving space for yourself and your clients.

Ada, dear one, know that I have your back and you are loved always and in all ways.

Love and light,


Ada commented on Selene and her message when I asked, as always, “Does this resonate with you:” Big time Barb! So beautiful and so spot on! You are amazing! You were born to do this!! Can’t wait to see the picture!

(Ada knew her Guardian Angel’s name and wanted to see her.) When I met Selene it was when I was first on the infancy of my journey. I had been asking my inner knowing what her name was with little discovery. When I was exploring Wicca and the Goddesses, when her name came up as the Greek name of the moon goddess. My heart leapt and knew this was her. Such a beautiful moment!