Meet Addison, Addie for short

My dearest S, I am your Guardian Angel, Addison, but call me, Addie. I am so excited that you have chosen to get in touch with me at this time of your life. I am looking forward to all the adventures we will have as you discover what’s next in your life. 

I love that you have chosen to explore all your options at this time of your life. You are getting in touch with who you really are, and it’s important that you allow all possibilities Into your life. Everything and anything is open to you from where you live, to how you live, to your life’s purpose. 

 You said that you do not trust yourself because of past choices based on bad information. I know that you were worried, but remember a step in any direction is a step forward. Stop for a minute and consider if anything good came from those situations. We often do not see that at the time, but only through hindsight. There is nothing worse than being afraid to try something new, or go somewhere new, only to stay stagnant because of fear. You know that is not you. You are an adventurer, a seeker of truth and wisdom.

Do you sometimes wish that I could tell you what to do and what path you’re meant to be on? I can hear you say, “Addie, what is my life‘s purpose, what’s next?” That is like looking forward to a new novel and reading the end first. Where is the fun in that? It would take away free choice and human experience. You came here in this time and space to be on the leading edge and share light for others to follow.

The first step is to know that all the answers you seek are inside of you, not in your head. Your thoughts are for planning and analyzing after you’ve chosen the desire in your heart. You know how to connect to the light and expand out your energy larger than the planet. It is from this place only that you ask questions of your higher self. So, in the future any information you receive that you’re thinking of taking, you ask “what would it take” or “what vibrational energy do I need” questions.

Do you know what a blessing you are to others that you enjoy the humor of life?  Your words, but so many here are full of fear and worry that they fail to see the joy in life. That is definitely one of your strengths. It’s important that you do not place limitations on your desires. You wrote that you wanted to be close to your grandkids, but California is too expensive. Revise that and see yourself living close to your grandkids; the hows are not your job. Allow the universe to bring your desires to you in a way that you cannot even imagine in your limited human self.

The same is true with your desire to discover your life purpose. In that expanded energy, journal what you’re good at both presently and when you were younger. Write down everything without censoring. Later, go back and read what you read. What still interests you? What makes your heart sing?

You said you are living the dream yet you desire a home base. Home is where your heart is. And once again, your head is getting in the way and I can hear your thoughts asking what you should be doing. That is your ego talking, so when you hear the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s come into your head realize that you are out of your heart space in that moment and you need to enlarge your energy, larger than the planet to get the answers you desire.

Remember to dream big…this is your life. Have fun exploring. Try new things, dive deep and play! Take classes that catch your interest, talk to other people about what they do and how they do it. And know that whatever you choose to do, make it your own: A combination of the different sides of you that make you totally unique in how you can be of service to yourself, to others, and to the planet. 

My gown is orange and represents Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Miracles. He assists in awakening the senses, what you see, hear, feel, taste, and touch all are activated in knowing your life’s purpose. You will not have to ask what your purpose is as it is an all encompassing realization. Your whole body and emotions react, not just thoughts in your head. So call on Archangel Gabriel when you need strength to follow your dreams, to be different, to be you. His crystal is orange calcite, so carry it, meditate with it, or place it by your bed as you sleep as it brings in playfulness as you open to your creativity. 

The background is turquoise and represents Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation. She wants you to know that you deserve all that you desire. When you feel restricted, call on Haniel for help in expanding your spiritual horizons and creating your heaven on earth. Her crystal is turquoise, carry it to remind you that you are an aspect of the Divine. Turquoise is also associated with wealth in all areas of your life, love, joy, abundance….

Remember dear one, that you are not alone. You are loved always in all ways.


When S saw Addie and read her message, she replied:

Thank you, Barbara. The angel is absolutely beautiful. I love the orange and turquoise combination and can see the caring resonating from Addie! It sounds like me and is similar to what another medium said to “get out of my head” and I try. But I guess 30 yrs in analytics makes it more difficult than I thought it would ever be, to find “next”. And yes, I am hoping to be pointed into the correct decision. Just wandering around feels like I am wasting precious time on this planet.I greatly appreciate your words and will keep trying to “hear” my heart’s desires. There are so many options that I think I have too many choices /directions. The California comment was interesting so I will move into the big ball of light, ask the WWIT (What would it take to…) statements and see what opportunities arise to get over there. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents, your creativity and your connections!!