Gianna, a young boy’s Guardian Angel

Just after the first of the year in 2017, I was commissioned to sketch a Guardian Angel as a gift for a young woman with cancer. She died in August and the same friend asked me to sketch a Guardian Angel for her son. Your GA will show up how you will best relate to it, usually same sex. As I began to sketch, I clearly heard that she would show up female because he was only a little boy. The angel said her name is Gianna, but as he gets older and if he relates better to a male form, her name can change to Gianni. With one vowel she becomes he.

When I sent the friend his angel, she was amazed and sent me the picture on the right. This is a picture of his mother, I had never seen it before.

If your are interested in connecting to your Guardian Angel, please visit:

Meet Gemma, Susan’s Guardian Angel

Susan, I am your Guardian Angel Gemma. Fitting isn’t it with your affinity for rocks and crystals. Elizabeth was my name in a previous lifetime, as I have been with you since the beginning. It isn’t surprising that the name doesn’t resonate. It is important that we connect daily and it isn’t an accident that you asked to see me. As you know, there are no accidents and it was indeed time for us to work together. I have watched over you in this lifetime, but had to wait for you to ask for my help. No worries this is the perfect time for us to collaborate.

I know you are worried about the short and long term memory loss. It is encouraging that the neurologist found no cause. What we dwell on persists, so it is time to change those thoughts. I have two suggestions. The first is to carry post it notes with you and jot down anything you need to remember. Post them where you will see them, bathroom mirror, kitchen, etc. The important thing here is for you to feel more confidence in yourself. In our busy lives it is hard to stay on track, so it only makes sense to add tools to make your life easier. This brings us to point number two. Multitasking is a myth. It is important to stay mindful as you go about your day. Finish one task before starting another. If you get interrupted by an important call, etc; have a sticky note(those long, thin colored ones) to mark pages work well as a visual reminder of where you were when you were interrupted. So, do yourself a favor and find what works for you to help you remember. If you are a list person, write everything down and cross them off when completed. Or use a calendar or an app on your phone. Call on me to remind you to use these tools.

Be easy on yourself and practice self love. It is not a coincidence that Archangel Chamuel has a message for you. My gown is pink and as you know this is Chamuel’s color. Your memory issues have changed you from a positive, happy person to a nervous, doubting one. This dear Susan, is an example of a self fulfilling prophecy. It is time to change your thinking. From now on if you forget something, laugh and say there I go again not being mindful. Thank you for the reminder. So much more positive than beating yourself up for forgetting something. Are you remembering to give yourself some me time? Every day carve out some time just for you. How can you take care of other things going on in your life, if you don’t put the oxygen mask on you first? Be gentle with yourself. If you have a polished rose quartz crystal, put it in the tub with you and be bathed in Chamuel’s energy. Feel the love for you. Forgive yourself for being overwhelmed and know that you can once again be the confident, self assured, organized and motivated person you were before. Remember to breathe before you start a task. Use your tools to keep you on track. Get out of your head and into your heart. It is time now to be you! Practice forgiveness for yourself.

The background color is Turquoise and represents Archangel Haniel. Her message to you is that it is time to create your Heaven on Earth and it is safe to do so. You’ve got this and I have your back always.

Love and light, Gemma.

When I asked if this resonated, Susan replied:
Oh my God YES! ❤️ Wow thank you so very much, I’m crying. You have taken my breath away. Pink has always been my color. So much synchronicity in what was written.

M’s Guardian Angel, Marisol

Meet M’s Guardian Angel, Marisol. Here is the message. My name means Mary of the Sun. I am so excited to finally connect with you. I have watched over you but had to wait patiently, ok maybe not so patiently, for you to ask for my assistance. I am looking forward to sharing in your adventures big and small. You know you are a healer and I love that you are a life long learner.

Your patients will benefit from your knowledge especially when you suggest healing energy work, crystals, essential oils, meditation, and any other modality that resonates with you. You may actually be guided to a specific holistic therapy to help a current patient who is not yet in tune with the mind/body connection. So if you aren’t already versed in a specific therapy, see what resonates with you. Please understand that I am not talking about instead of, but rather as a complementary treatment when western medicine is not working. You know how patients have to be treated as a whole, mind, body, soul. Through your research you will be able to suggest the best alternative therapies for them. Perhaps suggest a book to read, a class to take, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, massage, etc.

And with your soon to be acquired knowledge of the Archangels, you will be able to work with them behind the scenes. Asking Raphael for healing, Michael for protection, Jophiel for bringing joy into their lives. But this is also for you and your family as well. You will know how to lovingly guide family members through life’s ups and downs. You will lead by example, not forcing your knowledge on anyone. They will come to you and ask, M how do you stay so calm? You will know that it is your connection with Sandalphon that keeps you grounded. These are indeed exciting times and know that you are never finished with learning.

Each and every class or therapy will lead you to another. It isn’t important for you to do all of them yourself, but rather be familiar enough to recommend the best treatments for the situation. You are perfectly poised to be that resource for family, friends, patients and community. Hold onto your hat Michele, we are about to take off! Remember to call on me every day because you do not have to do everything yourself. If you find that it is hard to talk to one of your kids, or patients ask me to connect with their Guardian angel and prepave the way for you.

My gown is sapphire blue, the color is letting you know that Archangel Michael has a message for you. He is not only the angel to connect with for protection, but also empowerment. He wants you to know that it is time for you to come into your power. Now, no more excuses. His crystal is lapis lazuli and you may want to carry one with you as you go about your day.

The background is green and represents Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing. It is no surprise that he wants you to know that it is time to heal yourself as well as others. Carry or wear an emerald to remind you that is time to heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Know that you are loved always in all ways, Marisol.

Here is what M said when she saw her angel:

I have no words to express how beautiful it is. I love learning and all alternative medicine as well. Still feel like I’m searching for healing for myself, and family. I do have a hard time talking with my daughter at times. I feel like I struggle with the grounding. Lastly, my sister’s name is Marisa~part of Marisol! Thank you so much!! I love it all! You have a true gift! 😇🥰 Also my Mother’s middle name was Mary!

LR’s Twin Flame’s Guardian Angel, Reign

LR’s Twin Flame’s Guardian Angel is Reign. The idea behind the twin flame angel is for her angel Hani to connect with Reign so that LR will know her twin flame when she meets him. To find out your twin flame’s guardian angel, it is necessary to go into the Akashic Records, (always with your permission).

Reign’s gown is blue representing AA Michael. It is time to know yourself. It is time to empower yourself and take back your life. Carry a lapis lazuli stone as a reminder of that empowerment.

The orange background represents AA Gabriel. He wants you to know it is time to BE alive and enjoy life to the fullest. An orange calcite, his crystal, can be used in meditation to strengthen your connection to Gabriel. LR I am looking forward to being part of your exciting new life.

LR”s Guardian Angel

LR wanted to meet her own Guardian Angel and her twin flame’s Guardian Angel.

I am Hani, your Guardian Angel. You first met me as Hannah Leigh. But as you have changed, so have I. With me is your twin flame’s Guardian Angel, Reign. Have me talk to Reign so that you will know each other when you meet.

First things first. It is important that you take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, and breathe. Meditation is always beneficial, but remember it doesn’t have to be in lotus position in front of an altar. Get outside and enjoy a mindfulness walk. Feel the wind caress your cheek and step mindfully. If you can walk barefoot in the grass you will be grounding yourself as well. Remember to breathe deeply, no shallow breathing here. You are such a giving person, but it is also important to receive. Everyday before bed, think about three things you are grateful for today. Feel that love in your heart and fall asleep thinking about how good you feel. When you go to sleep with your worries you are bringing more things to worry about into your life. So, gratitude is the key to changing your life.

I am happy to see that you are beginning to love yourself more.This isn’t selfish but necessary. How can you find your twin flame if you are not the best you? When you love yourself, and are the best version of you, you will meet your twin flame, who will be the best version of himself. Look in the mirror morning and night and looking directly into your eyes say, “I love you, LR I love you.” Feel that love in your heart. Remember you are a spiritual being in a human body, you are light and love. When you were little you had an experience that made you feel that you were unlovable. It wasn’t true but as a little child you didn’t know any better. You hid that belief deep inside you and brought it out whenever you felt bad. But a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are worthy.

My gown is purple because AA Zadkiel wants you to transmute these negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs to love energy with his purple flame. In meditation surround yourself in his loving purple light energy. See yourself surrounded by a purple flame burning away all negativity and transmuting it to the positive. Feel the love that you are. You may wish to carry his crystal which is amethyst to remind you to clear your energy.

The background is yellow. AA Jophiel also has a message for you. LR what brings joy into your life? It is time to discover what makes your heart sing. It is time to sing out loud, dance around the house, laugh out loud. Find your passion and live your life. Get out and have fun.


Love and light,

Upon seeing her angels and reading their message LR said she loves them and the message validated a reading she had with Angel Chatter’s own Christine Alexandria.

Emil, Alda’s Guardian Angel

Alda’s Guardian Angel Emil is my first angel of 2019. (Alda has had a lot of interaction with the angels, except for her Guardian who would not show her his face or name.)

Here was his message: You are right I have been with you, and have chosen not to show myself until now. You have seen me in different forms showing up when you need assistance in a physical body that you would respond to. This was the case of the lady who told you to take your son’s hand because a big wave was coming. I was also standing behind you when the large man approached your son at the garage sale. I told you to stay calm. Michael also had your back that day. You are very connected to the angelic realm and have chosen to call in other angels for help. If you want me to help you please ask. When you call on the other angels, they can easily step in, so I may be there too, but there is no need to show myself. Those earlier instances were serious enough for me to step in without being asked. A Guardian Angel can only help you when asked, otherwise I would be interfering in your life. You have free will and I cannot override that unless it is life or death.

It is important for you to ground yourself every day. The brown in my dress is a message from Sandalphon. Every morning when you get out of bed, imagine roots going down into mother earth from the souls of your feet. Feel the roots extending down to the center of the earth and the connection to the earth plane. As I mentioned before, your life on earth is a physical one so it is important to stay centered and in the momemt as you go about your day. The angelic realm is beautiful and uplifting, but it is easy to lose track of time and miss the special moments that you came to earth to experience. Carry a Tiger Eye crystal with you to remind you to stay connected and grounded.

QThe background color is turquoise blue because Archangel Haniel also has a message for you. Haniel is the Angel of Manifestation. Call on her to create your Heaven on Earth reality because that is what you came down to do. It is the goal of every man/woman and often takes thousands of lifetimes to accomplish. So carry Haniel’s crystal, turquoise to remind you of your purpose. Alda, know that you are loved wholeheartedly, stay in the moment and experience your best life. Call on me every day so that I can be a part of your life, and make your days easier. Ask me for that parking space right in front, or to prepare the way for a successful meeting. Nothing is too big of small.

Love and light, Emil

Alda replied: { Emil } is Perfect { Mio } Nicknamed, You nailed it with the Brown Robe wouldn’t have acknowledged the Angel any other way {{{{WOWZA}}}} This is truly inspiring Barbara thank you so very much . I will try seeing the Angel Emil when I meditate and pray . His features are finally revealed.

When I asked her about sharing her angel, she said: Of course I give you permission, this was a truly gifted experience, I will treasure for lifetimes.

Tami’s Guardian Angel, Sammy

Meet Sammy, Tami’s Guardian Angel. She very graciously allowed me to share his image with you. His message, however, right on the money, she asked to keep private.(As I said before Guardian Angels and messages are only shared with permission.) Tami is excited to work with him and told me that Sammy is her best Christmas gift ever.

Isn’t it time to gift yourself your own Guardian Angel to help you have the best 2019 ever?

Esme is V’s Guardian Angel a gift from her sister

Guardian Angel’s are a great gift idea. Esme is V’s Guardian Angel,a gift from her sister. Here is her message:

My name means esteemed, beloved which is exactly how I feel about you. I have been wanting to talk to you about how much you worry. Do I really have to tell you that worrying is a wasted emotion? You spend so much time going over those thoughts in your head and more often than not, what you worried about didn’t come to pass. You feel a moment of relief only to find a few seconds later that you are worrying about something new. So dear one, give your worries to me. It is not your job. And there is so much more that you can be doing such as being more spontaneous.

When you plan everything you no longer allow synchronicities and miracles into your life. If you always take the same route to work, tomorrow take a different one. Set the intention that today I am open to seeing miracles and who knows what may happen. Also dear one, I want you to realize that when you are hurt by those you love, it is more about them than you. They are hurting and striking out at the ones they love most. That is just a foible with humans. So next time, revise that negativity into something positive and breathe that in. Then send loving thoughts back to them.

It’s time to be mindful and be in the moment. Take the time throughout the day to spend a few minutes checking in. Where are you? What are you doing? Can you feel the air caressing your cheek, or the chair you are sitting on? What expression do you have on your face? Are you smiling or frowning? As you take this time to be in the moment, you discover that it is the only time that is important. Too often you are thinking about what was in the past or what you desire in the future. Now is the only time where change happens. So it’s time to Be present.

The color of my gown represents Archangel Shamael. He is the Angel of Harmony. His crystal is Aquamarine which is a great tool in meditation to help you attain peace and harmony. When you have a question you need answered, you may find that sitting and listening to the waves at the beach or taking a shower will bring you the answer. Water also releases toxins from the body so it is important to drink as much pure water as possible. This is especially true after energy work.

The background color is green and brings you a message from Archangel Raphael the angel of healing and relationships. He wants you to call on him for healing all relationships from health, money, love, work, social, and yes, with yourself. So call on him whenever you need his help. You only need to ask. Raphael’s crystals include emerald and green calcite. You may discover that carrying or meditating with one of his crystals brings you the healing you desire.

Love and light, Esme

Upon seeing her angel, I asked her if the message resonated with her. V replied:
Yes it does! Everything Esme says is very accurate and definitely gives me things to think about. Interestly enough, I just had my Angel cards read when I was with my sister and was told to add more water elements to my life….I will also look for a piece of emerald and green calcite to carry. Thank you for the lovely message.

To connect with your own Guardian Angel or to gift

Mike’s Guardian Angel, Joel

I was honored to have the privledge of connecting Mike with his Guardian Angel,Joel.
Mike is the husband of Michelle, whose Guardian Angel,Abdullah. I shared earlier. It truly touches my heart when my work inspires another to request their own angel.

Here is the message:
Sherman was my name in a previous lifetime and yes, White Feather is one of your guides. I am very excited to work with you as I am very impressed with the growth you have shown to date. Although you aren’t as happy as you wish to be, you realize that the answer is within you. So many humans choose to blame others for their unhappiness when the truth is, we are each responsible for our own emotions and actions. So you are on the right path. You said you would like to re-energize your creative self. When you were younger, what were your creative outlets? Now is the time to explore. Take the time to discover where your interests lie now. Are you excited by the arts: glassblowing, ceramics,painting, writing, music? Do you like the outdoors? Are you a hiker or bird watcher? Do you wish to help the environment or better the lives of children? There are a lot of groups that you can investigate to determine if your beliefs align. Please know I want you to have fun with this, it’s not supposed to be another chore!

You want to improve your relationships with immediate family. The best way to do that is to ask them. “What can I do today to make your life easier? What can we do together to improve our communication?” Or even, “let’s spend time together doing something we both enjoy.” It’s also important for you to slow down and stop rushing through life. There isn’t an award after we die for whomever completes the most stuff the fastest wins. There is, however, a reward for slowing down, being in the moment, checking out that sunset and being mindful of what you are doing right now. It is too easy to damage relationships by discounting the needs and suggestions of others. Know that your way isn’t the only way and that by taking the time to really hear others, you are strengthening the very connection that you desire. It isn’t intentional, but you can be very result focused, and miss out on those little moments that make life so grand.

The color of my gown is red to represent Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Safety. He is here to tell you that it is safe to be you. It is time to Be you. It is time to shine. His crystal is a ruby which you may carry with you so that you will feel safe to follow your bliss.

The yellow background color brings a message from Archangel Jophiel, the joy filled angel. Her message to you is to Be Happy, Be Silly,Be You! When was the last time you laughed? Not a chuckle, but a great big belly laugh? When we do not find the joy and blessings in life, it is too easy to get caught up in our egos. Humans have been programmed to focus on the negatives in life. Think about it, you can tell someone 10 things they did well and one they did wrong, and what will they focus on? Of course, the one negative. So, it is important to lighten up and laugh at yourself when you notice you are going negative. Laugh and say, “Joel you caught me.” Her crystal is yellow calcite, so you may wish to keep this crystal on your desk to remind you that life is about joy and happiness. Mike, know that I am here for you always. Love and light, Joel

Michele responded: This sounds like him for sure! Will share with him and let you know. All good guidance from him. 😊 He knows him well! I hope he works on living in the moment and putting down his phone. Feel like he misses out on a lot of things do to this.

Sometimes, I receive an additiinal message from the angel. As I was writing this out for him, Joel added : Remember that each and every day happiness is a choice. When you wake up every morning, think about the day to come.See everything going smoothly, meetings in your favor and always joy-filled.

Michele replied: Hmm…. Joel must have read my mind. I tell him this almost everyday. To start manifesting what he wants and not concentrate on the negative. To visualize outcomes he wants etc.

Michele relayed a message from Mike: He said that his message was very inspirational and he really appreciates it. Thank you.

Valeria, Jean’s Guardian Angel

I am so grateful when clients generously agree to share their angels and messages. Meet Jean’s Guardian Angel, Valeria. Please know that she was so anxious to connect with you that she jumped to the head of the queue and showed up on the page. You have had both a blessed and a hard life. Valeria wants you to know that it isn’t about what happens to you in life, but about how you choose to respond to life events. Yes, there has been tragedy, but also great love. You have a wonderful husband of many years, children and grand children. It is true that first you suffered true heartache, which resulted in great joy. So instead of defining yourself by all the tragedies, focus on the joy. It is a choice you know.

Every morning you can choose happiness or you can choose sorrow. You cannot move forward from the negative thoughts, regrets and loss. First you must forgive yourself. To do this, during meditation, bring forth a person or event and say, I forgive you and I ask that you forgive me. Then hear them say the same to you. Feel your heart fill with love as you breathe in love and breathe out anything less than love. It is also important for you to love yourself. It is impossible to feel all your blessings when you see yourself as not worthy. You dear one are a child of God and are so loved.

The pink in my gown represents Archangel Chamuel, the angel of self love. Every morning as you look in the mirror, look into your eyes and say, I love you, Jean, I love you. It may be hard at first, but along with your forgiveness meditation, make it a daily practice. Carry rose quartz with you so that you can feel Chamuel’s deep love for you and as a reminder to yourself that you ate loved. You talked about a tragic event when you were younger. I know this still affects you and the way you feel about yourself. Look at the incident in a different way. Before you came to earth in this lifetime, you wanted to experience different situations. This one was particularly tough, so you contracted with another soul to put themselves in that situation so that you could have the experience. That beautiful soul did that for you because she loved you so much. So how have you been honoring her gift? Yes, you asked to experience forgiveness, letting go, and loving yourself. It’s time dear Jean.

The background represents Archangel Raphael. It is time to heal your body, your heart, and your soul. It is time to move forward in perfect balance. Your hip issues represent this fear of moving forward. It is time now, and I am here to help you. It is time to stop punishing yourself and for the need to do penance to stop. As far as the medical bills and the botched surgery, find a patient advocate or lawyer to help you out of this situation. Carry Raphael’s crystal, an emerald to assist with love, healing, and abundance. I am so excited Jean to work together and to help you live your best life. Love and light, Valeria.

Jean replied: Yes Barbara, Yes, some of this does resonates with me. I must have had to have this hip experience 2x. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and people are in our lives for a reason. Just as you are now at this time dear Barbara. Lessons to learn I may not have learned in my other lives. I do know one of my tasks is to protect children.

Dear Barbara, I want to thank-you for introducing me to Valeria. I know I am stronger than I thought I was. I have a strong angel to guide me. She also works with Chamuel. This explains the pink when I am in a hypnotic state and a very vibrant green that comes and goes.